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An out-of-the-box recruitment software that grows with your agency

Reliable + scalable software at an affordable price

Our Core Product has everything you need to grow your recruitment business. It was built and developed by recruiters with over 22 years’ industry experience, resulting in a reliable and flexible recruitment software to suit any agency.

Chameleon-i is web-based – there are no annoying downloads, you can get started straight away. We are secure, fast, and compatible with Mac, PC, tablet and smartphones on all major browsers.

We offer Temp or Contract options which you can mix and match per desk. Our software grows with your agency, allowing you to add or remove users as you require.

Your recruitment agency can benefit from our Applicant Tracking, Customer Relationship Management, LinkedIn Integration, Reporting, Marketing, Search, E-mail Integration, and Tracking.

Drop us a message or call us on +44 (0)1483 600370 if you would like more information on what we can do for you. Or why not take us up on our free trial? There are no set-up costs and no credit card will be required- easy!


What can you get with Chameleon-i?

Applicant Tracking

Our action system lets users make and record over 50 different activity types, including telephone conversations, e-mails, meetings, interviews, offers, rejections and more.


  • Reduce time spent doing admin
  • Streamline the recruitment process
  • Improves communication internally and externally

Our action system provides the activity data to populate your day-to-day performance and activity dashboards.

You can automatically create or update existing candidate records with one of our 5 CV parsing tools.

Customer Relationship Management

Keep an audit trail of the whole team’s activity and communications with candidates and clients as you work.


  • Increases customer revenues
  • Keeps your agency GDPR-compliant
  • Improved customer service

Chameleoni automatically creates notes as you work using the integrated action system.

These are stored within the associated company, client, candidate, vacancy or placement, giving you a clear audit trail.

This audit trail can easily be searched within the record and via our reporting tools.

E-mail Integration + Tracking

Chameleon-i integrates with most e-mail providers, including Gmail and MS Exchange.


  • Streamlined and seamless documented correspondence
  • Improves workflow and communication
  • Stay GDPR-compliant

This e-mail integration enables your inbox, sent items and calendar to sync and mirror each other.

The e-mail you send and receive from one system is automatically shown in the other. They are recorded within the client or candidate record to give you a clear audit trail.

The mailboxes also sync with your smartphone, keeping you up-to-date when out of the office.


Chameleon-i allows users to search candidates’ CV or comments.


  • Search is made simple with Boolean
  • Discover the information you require faster
  • Combine keywords to produce more relevant results

Boolean search allows you to combine keywords with operators, such as AND, NOT and OR. This will produce more relevant results.

An example of a Boolean search could be “waiter” AND “London”.  This would limit the documents to a list of those that only contain the two keywords.

Mobile Recruitment Software

Chameleon-i is accessible from almost any device – perfect for recruiters that are on-the-go.


  • Instant access with our Cloud-based software
  • Flexibility and freedom to roam around

You can use Chameleon-i from anywhere that has an internet connection – whether you are in the office, on a train, in a coffee shop or at home.

With a central database, users have the ability to move around and check in when necessary.


Our Chrome LinkedIn Plugin helps link up LinkedIn with the Chameleon-i database enabling quick reference


  • Quickly create a Company, Client or Candidate record
  • View records directly from Chameleon-i
  • Update existing records and associate LinkedIn profiles

Use our Chrome LinkedIn Plugin to make sure your records are up-to-date.

It’s an easy way to add new information to the Chameleon-i database, with just a click of a button.

E-mail Marketing + SMS 

Create marketing campaigns with our bulk e-mail tools and send text messages with Icetrak.


  • Quickly set-up beautiful e-mail templates
  • Personalise e-mails to help build your brand
  • Save time with 2-way SMS text facility 

Keep candidates in the loop and feed clients information on what your agency has been up to.

There are also free customisable options to take advantage of, such as monitoring usage and tracking costs.


Chameleon-i makes reporting easier.


  • Report against KPIs and targets
  • Motivation + celebration alerts
  • Search + export activities

Use the Chameleon-i reporting functions to set financial objectives and track application statistics for integrated websites.

You can also search and export activities recorded on the database at a company, team, or consultant level.

3 important reasons why you need our recruitment software

1. Increase recruiter productivity

Our online recruitment software is cloud-based, meaning that you can use it anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or out, recruiters can work anywhere that has an internet connection.

2. Improve communication channels

Chameleon-i allows you to keep in touch with candidates and clients within our software. You can personalise e-mails to help your agency stay on-brand.

3. Save time on repetitive tasks

A range of tasks can be automated with Chameleon-i, leaving you to get on with what you do best. Our software can help speed up the process and reduce the time spent on monotonous tasks.


Our software is designed by recruiters, for recruiters

David Egan, our managing director, is an ex-recruiter and recruitment consultancy owner with over 22 years’ experience in the industry.

Our UK support is on hand to help

If you have a problem with Chameleon-i then just get in touch with our UK support who can assist you.

Chameleon-i is:

  • Contract-free
  • Affordable
  • Stable + reliable
  • Scaleable + flexible – we grow with you

Get in contact today for more information.

The Chameleon-i Core Module features:

  • CV parsing tools
  • Inbound, Exchange and Gmail integration options
  • Drag and drop uploader
  • One-click record creation
  • Smart navigation panel
  • Multiple company, Client, Candidate, Vacancy and Placement records
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Use baskets to bulk assign tags
  • Priority filters
  • Record ownership
  • Export or delete data subject to user permissions
  • Built-in applicants grid
  • Flagging and email communication system
  • CV formatting
  • Email, Word and SMS templates
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Adhoc + Saved searches and contact google search
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • User per-missioning
  • Candidate Basket
  • Client Baskets, Placement Baskets, Vacancy Basket, Company Basket
  • Activity Reporting, Shortlist Reporting
  • Duplicate Searching, Boolean Searching, Radial Searching
  • Admin Panel
  • Email CMS
  • Partner Product Integration
  • User Training
  • Quick Action System
  • To do, Diary and Alert System
  • …and a lot more.

Looking for Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i online recruitment software delivers a fast, secure, reliable and portable database for recruitment agencies placing permanent, contract and temporary candidates. Our database software combines best recruiting practices along with constant product innovation and advanced functionality for an affordable monthly fee.

Temps Recruitment Software?

Packed with features and designed for recruiters who have to manage temporary bookings, the Chameleon-i Temps Module is the ideal tool to navigate the fast-paced environment that comes with managing shifts and bookings. The module is infinitely scalable and is able to meet the needs of recruitment agencies of all sizes, offering lifetime use and value.

Contracts Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i’s Contractor Timesheet and Invoice module is an efficient method of producing sales and purchase invoices from timesheet data. Designed to take the place of existing paper-based timesheet systems, timesheets are presented for completion by contractors and approved online by authorised persons.