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Update to Block Bulk Email and SMS

We have updated the way the Block Bulk Email and Block Bulk SMS Function works within the Chameleon-i marketing features. Historically, to prevent sending bulk communications to specific clients or candidates users would create a specific note type within the record, this obviously took a couple of clicks to perform. To simplify this process and…

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New Baskets Update

A New tab in Chameleon-i records now shows the baskets a record is currently in for easy reference. The tab lists all company baskets and orders them displaying baskets the record resides in first. The grid shows a list of the basket names, the number of records in the basket and who is the basket…

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RSS Feeds and Social Media Recruiting.

We are now well and truly in the digital age, and Social Media is now one of the most important tools that a recruiter can have. From professional sites such as LinkedIn, through to more personal profiles such as Twitter, Social Media is a multibillion pound industry that when used effectively can advertise your agency…

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Client Entertainment at Sports Events – How to Make it Special

Of course, just because you’ve invited someone to something pretty cool, doesn’t mean that the event they go to with you will be their only bit of corporate pampering by a recruitment firm, and so you need to make your time with them memorable and special to get the best results from your investment. Here…

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Things to Consider Before Looking for Candidates Based Abroad

Pitching the Location as Well as the Job The way you would normally pitch a job to somebody fairly local wouldn’t normally include a whole lot of stuff about the location or environment, unless the company has an unusually interesting or prestigious site. However, when you are talking to people who are going to have…

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Why Branding is Key in Recruitment

Branding is Not Just About Your Logo Creating a true brand is something that can permeate into a lot of the visible things your business does or creates. It is not just a case of making a nice logo and making sure it appears on everything, and this is where some small businesses go wrong.…

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