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3 Things to Know When You Start Working from Home

Working from home is becoming a more and more common option for professionals in all kinds of fields, and in recruitment, it certainly isn’t unusual. If you’ve recently decided, or been given the opportunity to work from home some or all of the time, at first it can seem like the best idea ever –…

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Boat Chameleon-i in action

Some new images of Chameleon-i in action this weekend down in Paignton at the 18ft Skiff UK National Championships. Images from VR Sports Media Ltd.…

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South Downs create a new website using the Chameleon-i Blueprint

Candidates Registration and Login Vacancy Posting Vacancy Searching Social Media Links A Full Content Management to enable constant editing and addtions to the site as their agency develope Please visit www.southdownsresourcing.co.uk to see their site, speak to us on +44 (0)1483 600370 for further information on our self-build websites.…

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Recording Offer Details in the Offer Action

When an offer is made, the Offer Action Wizard now allows you to record the offer details as part of the action. You can also record the potential fee and offer information whilst completing the Offer action. Once you’ve selected the Offer Action in the candidate shortlist, click the new ‘Offer/Note Txt’ Button. and complete…

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Tags Update

We have released a couple of product updates within the Chameleon-i tagging system. Tag Search. A new search function has been released enabling you to quickly search/filter your tags removing the need to look manually. The search works across all 3 tag tiers. You will need to expand the tiers by pressing the + icon…

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Shortlist Update

Vacancies – The Shortlist Status You can now specify and view the Shortlist Status of your candidates per vacancy, via the Shortlist tab in Vacancy records. In the Status column you have a drop down list associated with each candidate. By default we have set the options to WF CA (Waiting for Candidate) and WF…

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