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How Much Do Employers Check Up On Candidates Via Social Media?

Social media has changed a lot of things, and the amount of knowledge available to strangers about a given person is certainly one of them. This is definitely something people are using to do much more than check up on who their ex is dating – a recent survey found that 60% of employers research…

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Can a Cool Office Design Really Win Over Potential Recruits?

Back in the day, if you knew someone who worked in one of those trendy offices that had a table football game and a PlayStation in a corner somewhere, it was a huge source of envy. How different, it seemed, life must be, if your working environment was a little bit fun, rather than a…

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Why Millennials Expect Different Recruitment Processes to Older Workers

If you work in recruitment, you probably have a fairly wide mix of ages on your recruitment database when it comes to candidates. The generation known as ‘Millennials’, which depending on which definition you look at, usually includes people born between about 1982 and the early 2000’s, is now a huge feature of the working…

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