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A Website that Really Cuts the Mustard

Having a strong web presence is an essential tool for all recruitment agencies and is, more often than not, the first point of contact with potential clients. We understand that the visual impact and functionality of your website is crucial to your organisation’s brand and people’s perception of you.One of our most recent projects has been for .…

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Map Your Way to Successful Recruiting With the Candidate Map Popup

Have you found the perfect candidate, only to discover that they are in the wrong county or travelling times or distances are just unsuitable? Well, now you can save having to ‘read the fine print’ or search through your records to find out a candidate’s location before putting them forward. Chameleon-i now gives users the…

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Chameleon-i Lets You Fly Your Banner High

At Chameleon-i we understand how important reputation is and how hard you have worked to grow and develop this. Your logo serves as the visual representation of your company and is the thing that most of your clients and candidates identify you with, and recognise you buy. That’s why Chameleon-i allows you to upload and…

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Chrome LinkedIn Plugin Keeps your Candidates up to Date

Chameleon-i has released its Chrome LinkedIn plugin to a very appreciative audience. We all now that LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful tool in the right hands. With its vast reach, search technology and the long-term nature of its members’ profiles, LinkedIn remains one of the best ways to effectively source and vet candidates. With the new plugin, Chameleon-i…

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Google Integration Means Less Duplication and More Time for Business

With email being the primary source of receiving CVs and the diary being vital for consultants to stay on top of their daily tasks, we recognise it is even more important that your email and diary works in parallel with your Chameleon-i account. Our email and diary integration with Google enables you to track email…

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How Much Do Employers Check Up On Candidates Via Social Media?

Social media has changed a lot of things, and the amount of knowledge available to strangers about a given person is certainly one of them. This is definitely something people are using to do much more than check up on who their ex is dating – a recent survey found that 60% of employers research…

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Can a Cool Office Design Really Win Over Potential Recruits?

Back in the day, if you knew someone who worked in one of those trendy offices that had a table football game and a PlayStation in a corner somewhere, it was a huge source of envy. How different, it seemed, life must be, if your working environment was a little bit fun, rather than a…

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Why Millennials Expect Different Recruitment Processes to Older Workers

If you work in recruitment, you probably have a fairly wide mix of ages on your recruitment database when it comes to candidates. The generation known as ‘Millennials’, which depending on which definition you look at, usually includes people born between about 1982 and the early 2000’s, is now a huge feature of the working…

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3 Reasons to Offer Home Working for Every Role You Can

Working from home is something that many jobs can now offer, but not every business has caught on to the benefits yet and many still tend to be reluctant to let people work remotely. There are obvious benefits to working from home for employees, reducing their cost in both time and money for getting to…

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