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May day Bank Holiday Information

Just a quick note to let you know that the office will be Closed this coming Monday the 1st May for the May day Bank Holiday. Chameleon-i will be online and available as usual, should you have an issue please leave a message via the support system and we will respond as soon as possible.…

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Chrome 55 Update now released.

Google has rolled-out a new version of the Chrome web browser you can download it from https://www.google.co.uk/chrome/ if you don’t have set you browser to automatically update.. Google Chrome 55 brings a number of small tweaks, like misspelled words in text fields being automatically highlighted for you. There’s a number of improvements under the bonnet,…

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2-Part SMS Services

Want to send single SMS text messages or bulk SMS text messages directly through Chameleon-i? You can, we have partnered with Icetrak to offer this discreet but effective type of communication. 2 Part Messaging Tradionally text messages have had a charactor limit of 160, now with Icetraks 2 Part service you can send extended text messages…

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Chameleon-i Client Portal

Do you need to let your clients engage a little more in the recruitment process or would your agency like to offer a volume resourcing solution to compliment your existing recruitment offerings, if the answer is yes then our Client Portals might be what you have been looking for. Speak to an account manager today…

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3 Ways to Make Weekly Team Meetings More Useful

The majority of teams have a weekly slot where they get together and have an update meeting, with even remote workers often dialling in to touch base with everybody else. However, these meetings seem to vary between different workplaces from being motivating, efficient and useful, to being a weekly drag that everybody tries to get…

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3 Things to Know When You Start Working from Home

Working from home is becoming a more and more common option for professionals in all kinds of fields, and in recruitment, it certainly isn’t unusual. If you’ve recently decided, or been given the opportunity to work from home some or all of the time, at first it can seem like the best idea ever –…

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Boat Chameleon-i in action

Some new images of Chameleon-i in action this weekend down in Paignton at the 18ft Skiff UK National Championships. Images from VR Sports Media Ltd.…

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