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What Is the Importance of Boolean Search in Recruitment?

2021-10-21T13:26:39+00:005/09/2021|Categories: Our Software|Tags: |

If you're a recruiter using online recruitment software in the UK, then the chances are you have engaged with Boolean search throughout your career without even knowing it. This mathematical concept has been in existence since 1847 and is used today as part of a logic and analysis system for building digital devices. In fact, as [...]

How to resolve recruitment Challenges through staffing CRM

2021-09-16T13:26:00+00:0028/08/2021|Categories: Our Software|Tags: |

A staffing CRM is a centralised digital system. So how can it help combat the most common recruitment challenges? Challenge 1: Time consuming process Slow processes and paperwork requirements in manually-driven recruitment systems take up a lot of valuable time and cause challenges in terms of employee availability and staffing needs. A CRM can help overcome some of these challenges by automating many of the repetitive [...]

How to significantly reduce recruitment TAT by utilising a CRM system?

2021-09-16T13:17:52+00:0020/08/2021|Categories: Our Software|Tags: |

In recruitment circles, CRM stands for Candidate Relationship Management. In other industries, the 'C' in CRM can instead stand for Customer or Client. A CRM in recruitment is primarily used to automate communication and keep candidate information up to date.   What is TAT?   Known in full as 'Turnaround Time’, TAT is an acronym used [...]

The Pros and Cons of subscribing to premium Cloud-Based Recruitment Software in the UK?

2021-09-16T12:43:16+00:001/08/2021|Categories: Our Software|Tags: |

The use of cloud-based recruitment software in the UK is rising since more companies continuing to take advantage of this model that relies on sharing computing resources. In considering the suitability of cloud-based solutions, it is necessary to assess what the benefits and drawbacks might be. Advantages of cloud-based recruitment software in the UK There are many [...]

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