Five Major Indications You’re Investing in The Right Staffing Agency Software

2021-12-10T08:52:37+00:0018/10/2021|Categories: temporary recruitment software|Tags: |

There is usually one simple reason why recruitment agencies choose to invest in specialist staffing software: and that is that they want to make things better. Here, "better" can include a wide range of elements: from greater efficiency and productivity to easier processes, through to managing data more securely. However, this can only be achieved by [...]

How to Scale your Interview Scheduling during Volume Hiring?

2021-12-10T13:30:19+00:0012/10/2021|Categories: temporary recruitment software|Tags: |

Recruitment is challenging in any business, with ensuring you hire the best talent vital for your continued prosperity and growth. In most circumstances, you are likely to be filling a single role or perhaps a handful; however, a radical shift in business conditions, such as a major new contract or an opportunity for investment and expansion, [...]

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Recruitment Software

2021-10-22T11:39:41+00:0028/09/2021|Categories: temporary recruitment software|Tags: |

Digital automation is one of the most powerful tools in the business kit. Its capacity to improve productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, cost savings and employee fulfilment is considerable. If you routinely work with clients on both permanent and temporary recruitment software will already be an important component of your processes. But there is a temptation once [...]

Best Practices in Temporary Staffing

2021-09-16T13:29:49+00:0030/08/2021|Categories: temporary recruitment software|Tags: |

There was a time in living memory when temporary staff were a necessary inconvenience. Temps were brought in to plug gaps caused by sickness, maternity leave and short-term projects. They were essential for the stability and consistency of a company's operations but were never integrated into the permanent workforce. Their training and onboarding were different and [...]

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