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Save up to 50% off the cost of each Core User Licence with our Client Referral Scheme.

Not content with providing one of the most affordable recruitment databases on the market, we are also offering you a great way to save on the cost of your Core User License subscription.

By taking part in our client referral scheme you’ll be rewarded with a reduction in your monthly invoice.

How it works

We provide your agency with a unique referral code which you can share through conversation, email and social media.

When a new customer registers with Chameleon-i, they must enter your referral code at this point on the registration form.

For every referral you provide that results in an active chargeable subscription, you will receive (on a monthly basis) 25% off the monthly cost of one of your Core User Licences up to a maximum of 50% against each Core User Licence you subscribe to, whilst your referral continues with a chargeable subscription to Chameleon-i.

This discount will apply to 12 monthly payments from receipt of the referral’s first payment.

Example A – You have a single user account with two active referral licenses, you will receive on a monthly basis, 50% off the monthly cost of your single user licence.

Example B – You have two user accounts with three active referral licenses, you receive on a monthly basis, 50% off the monthly cost of one licence and 25% off the monthly cost of the second licence.

Referal Scheme Terms & Conditions – created DD/MM/YYYY

For each customer referral you provide (submitted via the Chameleon-i online registration process with your referral code and not previously known to us), we will reduce the cost of one Core User Licence by 25% (up to a maximum of 50% against each individual licence you subscribe to) on your monthly invoice when paid by Direct Debit following each full month your referral subscribes to Chameleon-i.

A customer referral will only be considered at the point of registration submission and cannot be retrospectively applied.

Reductions will only be applied while your referral has an active chargeable subscription to Chameleon-i.

Reductions will only be applied to chargeable Core User Licences.

Reductions will only be applied to referrals on monthly subscriptions paying via Direct Debit.

We reserve the right at any time to change or remove our Customer Referral Scheme upon thirty (30) days’ notice to users.

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Looking for Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i online recruitment software delivers a fast, secure, reliable and portable database for recruitment agencies placing permanent, contract and temporary candidates. Our database software combines best recruiting practices along with constant product innovation and advanced functionality for an affordable monthly fee.

Temps Recruitment Software?

Packed with features and designed for recruiters who have to manage temporary bookings, the Chameleon-i Temps Module is the ideal tool to navigate the fast-paced environment that comes with managing shifts and bookings. The module is infinitely scalable and is able to meet the needs of recruitment agencies of all sizes, offering lifetime use and value.

Contracts Recruitment Software?

Chameleon-i’s Contractor Timesheet and Invoice module is an efficient method of producing sales and purchase invoices from timesheet data. Designed to take the place of existing paper-based timesheet systems, timesheets are presented for completion by contractors and approved online by authorised persons.