Top Trends in Candidate Relationship Management

Discover the candidate relationship management trends that are dominating the recruitment industry throughout 2019.

If your business is going to stay valid throughout the coming weeks and months, then you need to keep up to date with the best recruitment CRM systems in the UK. Digital advances mean that recruiters can’t afford to be passive, but need to avail themselves of all the latest technological advances.


With demand for high-quality candidates currently outstripping supply, canny recruiters need to ensure that they can act quickly to secure top talent for the best roles. And that means introducing automated processes to speed up the more time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Why spend time scheduling interviews and screening prospective applicants when tasks such as these can be carried out via automated processes?

Throughout 2019, and beyond, recruiters will increasingly opt to make use of automation. This could involve sending out email campaigns to targeted candidates, for example, or letting recruiters contact talent pools with the minimum of fuss.


Artificial Intelligence is making its way into every aspect of our lives, and in 2019 we expect to see it influencing the recruitment market too.

Every recruiter understands the frustration of nurturing a candidate who seems perfect for a specific role on paper but who fails to deliver at the crucial moment. This is where AI really comes into its own, as it looks beyond a candidate’s specific qualifications and skill set. Whereas most recruiters need to make an assessment as to whether or not someone has the necessary attitude and work ethic to thrive in a particular company, AI systems can provide measurable insights. This makes it far more likely that a chosen candidate will remain with their new team for the long term.


Virtual Reality isn’t just for gamers. The technology is now becoming much more commonplace, so it’s no surprise to see it making an appearance in the world of recruitment too. VR allows recruiters to conduct face-to-face interviews at a convenient time, but there is much more that the system has to offer. In fact, VR can be used to enable candidates to demonstrate their skills to prospective employers in a practical setting, and can also be combined with augmented reality to create real-life working scenarios.


Applicant Tracking Systems have been around for a while, but they are now becoming increasingly intuitive. This is highly important, since effective recruitment techniques often rely on a team effort. Everyone involved in the recruitment process needs to be on the same page, and an up-to-date ATS ensures that all relevant personnel have access to the necessary data, with different levels of access ensuring that information is disseminated only as necessary.

Now that candidates tend to hold the upper hand in the world of recruitment, it makes sense that recruiters use all technologies available to them. Thus, making use of the best recruitment CRM systems in the UK looks good to be the way forward.