Daxtra search will quickly find the most relevant candidates in your Chameleon-i database.

Quite simply, DaXtra can significantly reduce your time and cost to recruit, and improve the quality of candidates you attract — making the most of your recruitment database software.

By searching, intuitively filtering and sorting data from your Chameleon-i database, DaXtra’s resume search software quickly finds the most relevant candidates using natural language semantic meta-search technology by:

  • Aggregating searches and integrating with your CRM database.
  • Eliminating recruiters need to learn the intricacies of the inbuilt CRM search and complex Boolean strings.
  • Streamlining searches from your own data with powerful relevancy, ranking and speed.

Recruiters remain within their CRM database application, allowing them to view search results in context and compare to existing activities and notes that are highly relevant to selection criteria.

With DaXtra’s integrated search, activities can still be controlled, monitored and reported on, as well as aligned to agreed business resourcing workflows..

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