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Contract and Interim features

We constantly develop Chameleon-i to keep it at the forefront of all recruitment databases.
If there are specific features you need and haven't found them on our website please call us.

Highlights of the contractors portal

Contractors are able to work for multiple agencies and employers using Chameleon-i.

All information is available to the contractor to track and monitor time and invoices effectively. Invoices can include VAT or can be zero rated and the system can accommodate umbrella companies.

Contractors can enter timesheet data via website or SMS message..




After successful login, a contractor is able to edit any timesheets that have not been approved by the employer. They are able to view their complete history of timesheets in the system and all the relevant timesheet information.



Contract information is available to the contractor and all related timesheets and invoices can be seen in the contract matrix, including timesheet and invoice totals.


Contractor Profile

This displays the contractors information on their account.


 Contractor invoices

They are able to view all previous invoices generated by the system and view all timesheet data associated with each invoice, giving them a complete breakdown of invoice/timesheet information.



All correspondence can be tracked in the message section. This enables true remote access to all information.



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