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CRM elements include these features

We constantly develop Chameleon-i to keep it at the forefront of all recruitment databases.
If there are specific features you need and haven't found them on our website please call us.
Audit Trail
As a recruiter it is imperative that you keep an audit trail of all your and your colleagues activity and communications with candidates and clients as you work.

Chameleon-i automatically creates notes as you work using the integrated action system and stores them within the associated company, client, candidate, vacancy or placements records giving you a clear audit trail which can easily be searched within the record and via the reporting tools.

Emails that are captured using one of our email integration modules are also stored against the associated client or candidate record automatically.

Integrated Diary
An integrated diary is automatically populated by your activity using the action system or by manual entry creating colour coded daily ‘to-do’ lists.

As required set triggered alerts to remind you of important day to day tasks.

You create the tasks and these can be viewed and shared as required across all users diaries and  accounts.

Deploy our Exchange Integration module and Chameleon-i will sync with your Outlook calendar, so every task you log in Chameleon-i is automatically scheduled in Outlook and vis versa.

Custom Fields
Custom fields can be deployed across Company, Client, Candidate, Vacancy and Placements records.

The custom fields can be in the following formats, free text, numeric, financial, note or in a drop down format to offer total flexibility. You can choose to have any number and combination of custom fields within your Chameleon-i database.

Simply complete the request form stating the fields required, the default values where applicable and the record types to associate the new custom fields with and our support team will implement them.

Categorise records including company, client, candidate, vacancies and placements with our 3 tier tag management system creating the ability to categorise records with pre-selected skills, attributes, qualifications. In fact anything that you want to search against even documents stored using ‘AND OR NOT’ search logic.

Use tags to identify clients by hiring preference and match your candidates to them quickly.

If you tag the type of candidates your clients recruit it is simple to search and send them your prospects.

Inbound Email Integration
The inbound email service enables you to automatically keep a full email audit and communication trail with your client and candidate database contacts.

Emails forwarded from registered clients and candidates are automatically stored against their individual database record. You can also create client or candidate records automatically or update an existing candidates stored CV at the click of a button from your Chameleon-i Inbox.

Our inbound email module is an additional module to the core Chameleon-i product, for pricing, please click here.

Exchange Mail and Diary Synchronisation
Integrating Chameleon-i with Microsoft Exchange services enables your inbox and sent items mail to sync and mirror each other. The mail you send and receive from one system, is automatically shown in the other and recorded within the client or candidate record in Chameleon-i to give a clear audit trail.

The Exchange mailboxes also sync with your smart phone, keeping you up-to-date when out of the office.

To use this function you will need to be running an exchange mailbox and subscribe to this service, for pricing, please click here.

Lists and Priority Filters
Customise the drop down lists within Chameleon-i to create a truly unique set of meaningful options within your records for your agency.

By customising the priority and status filters within the search grids you can filter data. Set different filters and drop downs for company, client and candidate records whilst setting default colours for quick visual reference.

Synety, a leading cloud-based software and communications company develops and provides CloudCall, a suite of cloud-based telephony software products and services.

CloudCall transforms Chameleon-i into a powerful and integrated telecommunications system through the quick and easy installation of the CloudCall software.

For further details on the features on Synety please click here.

The integrity of the system and your data is our priority.

Chameleon-i allows you to set parameters regarding your consultants access to your data.

Individual user settings can stipulate when consultants can access Chameleon-i, restrict the type of records they can view, assign, delete or export coupled with IP restrictions to limit access to nominated locations.

Our permissioning settings offers a flexible way of working for your agency whilst keeping you in complete control of your data.

Microsoft Word CV Editor
Our CV editor is specifically designed to work in Microsoft Word. It enables you to open CV’s stored in Chameleon-i locally ready for editing.

Edit the candidates CV as required, once complete simply click the
‘Save @ Chameleon-i’ button and the editor will create a new amended version of the CV which is automatically store in the Candidate record whilst retaining a copy of the original document in the record for reference.

The plugin will help you save time by removing the need to constantly edit CV’s locally and re-upload on every edit to the canddiate record in Chameleon-i.

Extract and download your records and store your data locally for added peace of mind
Downloadable back-ups include all elements of the record cards for Company, Client, Candidate, Vacancy and Placements and include historical notes and future tasks. They are downloadable in CSV format so you can easily review  your data. Resumes and additional saved documents stored within the record are avail to download in zip folders.

Whilst Chameleon-i will always manage and safeguard your data, we understand clients may wish to have a back up of their data stored locally.

Our Downloadable back-ups module is additional to the core Chameleon-i product, for prices, please click here.


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