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Marketing includes these features

We constantly develop Chameleon-i to keep it at the forefront of all recruitment databases.
If there are specific features you need and haven't found them on our website please call us.
Bulk Email – Emarketing
Create great email marketing campaigns fast using our bulk email tools. Set up beautiful email templates, use place holders to populate data from your database to personalise your emails, add an email signature, opt out facility and attach documents saved within Chameleon-i or external sources.

Send out your bulk emails immediately or schedule them to go within a 24 hour window. A great way to implement your agency’s marketing strategy.

Note not all internet service providers (ISP’s) support sending bulk emails as part of their standard service, please check if your ISP places any restrictions before sending bulk emails.

SMS Marketing
Sending a text message is discreet and fast via our partner Icetrak. Save time with our SMS text facility delivering individual texts or in bulk to 100’s or 1000’s of selected recipients freeing up time for business development.

For occasions when you don’t need to have a conversation with the candidate and just want a simple text back reply, the 2-way service is ideal. Replies are routed back to the consultant’s via email and importantly, also stored in the Chameleon-i record. If you don’t want or need text back replies then the 1-way service is all you need.

For more information on Icetrak please click here.

Generate individual letters to clients and candidates or perform a mail-merge to generate a bulk mailshot to send.

Create letter templates in the Content Management System (CMS), or write an adhoc letter for each correspondent.

Use place holders to call the data from your database to populate your letters ready for Chameleon-i to create a PDF ready to print or email.

In a world full of email and text communications, you can stand out from the crowd by sending a well written letter.

The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) module is a great tool to help recruiters publicise their vacancies.

You can use the RSS feed to power social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. via free products such as HootSuite or Twitter feeds.

You can also embed your RSS feed into your website using widgets allowing candidates to view vacancies and subscribe to your feed to obtain vacancy updates.

The RSS feed is an additional module, for prices click here.

Placeholders commonly known as mail-merge fields are used to automatically populate email and letter templates with data stored within your Chameleon-i database.

There are separate placeholders for every type of record in Chameleon-i to help you create great marketing emails to your clients and candidates.

Use candidate placeholders to help market outstanding individuals to your client contacts or vacancy placeholders to promote current vacancies and their details to matching candidates.

Jobs by Email & Auto-search Modules
Jobs by email are automatically sent to candidates, they can view the job details online and a one-click application feature automatically shortlists them against the vacancy within Chameleon-i.

The vacancy owner is notified of any applications made via by an alert within Chameleon-i.

Auto-search will search your database overnight for new relevant candidates based on the criteria you have previously saved against each vacancy, results populate your saved searches in the smart navigation panel. The updated results will only include new candidates.

Marketing Lists
Build targeted client or candidate marketing lists using the baskets system to manage your recipients going forward.

If you wish to use a third party mail system like MailChimp to send from instead of Chameleon-i, no problem…

You can simply export your mailing lists from baskets directly into Excel at any time ready to import into your chosen mail system.

Note that the export facility is subject to the users permission settings for security.

Content Management System
The Content Management System (CMS) is used to set up and store communication templates for email marketing and letters. They can include images, documents and links to social media etc. You can use the CMS to build bulk email and letter templates and tailored action wizard templates.

Set and maintain your email signatures, dictate the default font and paragraph styles for all your emails sent for your business.

We have created a set of generic templates ready for your agency to customise to get you up and running.


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