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Reporting includes these features

We constantly develop Chameleon-i to keep it at the forefront of all recruitment databases.
If there are specific features you need and haven't found them on our website please call us.
Evaluate your businesses financial performance
Forecasting enables you to project your agencies revenue via your dashboard. Subject to permissioning, you can see overall company, team and user revenue forecasts.

We take into account historical conversion rates against CVs sent to clients for review, interviewing stages against offers, rejections and confirmed placements.

All updated in real-time to give you up an to the minute view of your agencies financial performance.

Set financial targets
Chameleon-i enables business owners and consultants to view real-time data on individual, team and company financial performance subject to permission.

The dashboard lets you set new business targets, monitor these and review activity against these targets. View placements against target for your permanent, contract and temp desks. You can view value, number of placements, average fees in terms of both money and percentages, providing business insights for consultant development, training and to boost financial productivity.

Track application statistics for integrated websites
If you have a Chameleon-i integrated website or you choose to power your current website using our iFrame kit we record some of your websites basic activity.

We record website clicks, registrations, job advertisements and applications made through your site, so you can monitor at a glance your website’s performance in addition to Google analytics.

Motivation and celebration alerts
Working remotely can sometimes be a lonely experience, but with our notification system your consultants will always feel part of a team.

Our dashboard allows them to see how they are performing and the notification systems tells your consultants when and who made the last company placement.

Monitor and evaluate key activities
Monitor logged activity through your database including, candidates calls, client calls, internal interviews, submitted CVs, interviews arranged, offers and placements to name a few.

As an additional feature and to create a bit of fun and motivation, Chameleon-i tracks and displays to all users the time since their last placement was made

Set consultants KPI’s and targets
Set monthly targets for each consultant with the ability to take into account seasonal variations and individual consultants abilities. Set KPI’s for the following criteria: client meetings, new clients and terms agreed, new candidates added to your database, CVs submitted to clients for review, client and candidate calls, candidate telephone interviews, face to face candidate interviews, client interviews, offers and placements.
Search by activity type and date ready to report on
Our reporting dashboard will allow you to search and export activities recorded on your database at a company, team or consultant level.

This will help with your reporting and performance management.  You can search on a range of activities from clients and candidates including phone calls made, emails sent, interviews, CVs sent, terms agreed etc.. You can set the date range of the report and view the historic reported actions along with future reporting through future scheduled tasks.

Turn activity data into easy to understand analytics with Cube19
Chameleon-i has fully integrated with our partner cube19 to enable you to turn your activity data into easy to understand analytics.

For clients looking to motivate and manage their consultants at the next level cube19 takes your Chameleon-i data and turns it into easy to understand visual analytics that will transform the way you run your business. Their cloud-based technology like ours is available on any connected device meaning you and your employees can make fact-based decisions wherever and whenever you need to.

By giving every employee access to relevant information you create a data-driven environment your recruiters trust and encourages them to use your CRM Chameleon-i more frequently and more effectively.

For information on cube19 please contact us on +44 (0)1483 600370.


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