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Search includes these features

We constantly develop Chameleon-i to keep it at the forefront of all recruitment databases.
If there are specific features you need and haven't found them on our website please call us.
Global quick search
Chameleon-i enables recruiters to search ALL record types on the database including company, client, candidate, vacancies and placements all from one place using the global quick search.

The most relevant search results are shown in a drop down list with direct access to the record.

Click ‘View All’ to see more search results and further information on the records at a glance.

Grid search
Chameleon-i enables recruiters to search all record types on the database from the record grids, including company, client, candidate, vacancies and placement using a variety of search options and criteria.

Drop-down lists make it easy to specify search criteria for quick searching of known records and results can easily be sorted within the grids and candidate records viewed via an expanding window.

Use Drag & Drop to move selected search results in to baskets enabling easy direct marketing features.

Radial search
Radial searching enables the recruiter to search for candidates within a specified radius of a town.

Radial search is available to agencies wishing to search candidates within the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore currently.

Boolean/Free text search
This search enables you to search candidates CV and/or comments.

Boolean search allows you to combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT and OR to produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be “hotel” AND “New York”. This would limit the search results to only those documents containing the two keywords

A great tool to search for specific words or phrases and uses extended syntax logic including single term, phrase, wildcard, fuzzy, relevance, proximity and the ‘AND OR NOT’ logic to build up your search string complete search criteria.

Tag search
The tag management system allows you to mark all record types with pre-selected skills, attributes, qualifications, in fact anything that you want to search against.

Use tags to identify clients hiring preference and match candidates to them quickly ready for submission.

There is no limit to the number of tags that can be set up and working in a three tier hierarchy offers lots of flexibility in the way you deploy them. Search tag using ‘AND OR NOT’ search logic for 100% accurate results.

Saved searches
Saved search gives the recruiter the ability to define and save regularly searched criteria and are displayed in the smart navigation panel.

A saved search has two baskets within it, enabling the consultant to place relevant candidates into the shortlisted basket and discount candidates in to an ignored basket.  A great tool if you recruit regularly for the same type of role, as you can accurately target your search and send out bulk communication to relevant candidates.

A time saving function that is easy to use and deploy.

Search LinkedIn for client and candidate profiles directly from your Chameleon-i database.

Store the LinkedIn public profile URL within your client and candidate records to create a permanent link between LinkedIn and Chameleon-i database records. enabling quick reference between the two platforms at the click of a button.

Keep records up to date using drag and drop, directly in to your clients and candidates records.

Our Mobile look-up feature is great if you are out of the office. From your smart phone you can log into your Chameleon-i database to use the look-up service. You can access and look-up your clients and candidate records as well as your contacts.

Our Mobile look-up feature is a permission based, enabling the business owners to decide which users have the feature enabled.


Autosearch gives your users the ability to set up saved searches and for Chameleon-i to automatically search your database for new matching candidates.

The search results only include new candidates. This is achieved by the user categorising historical results as relevant or not for the role by dragging the candidates into the saved searche shortlist or ignored list. Future searches ignore candidates already sorted into either the shortlist or ignored list.

Jobs by Email is an additional module, for prices, please click here.


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