In the past, the recruitment process involved placing adverts where you thought they might be seen by the exact candidates, manually sifting through applications, and then picking an employee based on their performance at interview, driven by gut feeling. As a result, it means that all too often, making a good hiring decision was dependent on a fair bit of luck.

Thankfully things have moved on a fair bit since those days. With the advent of cloud computing and the applications it can provide, recruitment agencies can rely on hard data and analytics to ensure they make the best hiring decisions. Choosing temporary recruitment agency software means that your agency can optimise the hiring process and make valuable improvements in efficiency that can help your organisation to grow more quickly.

Data-Driven Recruitment Is Here to Stay

Thanks to the impressive results it yields, the trend is turning towards data-driven recruitment. This type of recruitment utilizes the available data and analyses it to offer you crucial insights into areas such as productivity, increasing the speed of the process, improving the quality of hires, also drawing attention to any potential hiring issues.

Data-driven recruitment draws on metrics such as cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, source of hire, applicant feedback scores, and offer acceptance rates, which can then be used to optimise the recruitment process. Through analysing aspects such as turnover rate, percentage of great hires and their sources, you can target more of the high-quality candidates you want. After easy identification of any problematic areas, the process can be refined and improved efficiently, leading to better quality hires in the long run, saving you from wasting money and time, and supporting your agency’s success.

Temporary Recruitment Agency Software Is the Solution

By opting to integrate temporary recruitment agency software, your business can benefit from the impressive benefits that this data-driven approach can bring. As a cloud-based solution, this software is a scalable and flexible option that can grow with your business, at a cost-effective price point. With a host of invaluable features dealing with everyday operations such as reporting, communications, payroll, shift management and bookings, you can take control and make real efficiency and productivity gains in the fast-paced world of temporary recruitment. With stringent security and compliance measures built-in, you can be assured that you’re in safe hands. Best of all, this versatile software will be able to access and analyse the vital metrics needed to create an effective data-driven hiring process.

The Smart Choice for Growing Agencies

It’s clear, then, that taking a data-driven driven approach is the surest way to help your business to grow and thrive. By choosing the right temporary recruitment agency software, you can make light work of harnessing the power of analytics and, see impressive improvements to productivity, efficiency and higher quality, all built into a scalable, easy-to-use application. Once you’ve tried doing things the data-driven way, you’ll never look back- it’s the smartest approach for any growing business.