How Technology Has Aided Recruitment

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Recruitment is an industry almost as old as employment itself, it is one that has benefitted significantly from the technological advancements of the ‘information age’ – or ‘the last two decades’ if we’re going to use a less cheesy term for it. Because recruitment is all about people, the changes new technology has made to how we connect, communicate, and make information available to the world have revolutionised how we do things.BlogTech1Here are some of the ways recruitment has been helped by technology:

Social Media Has Created More Honesty and Transparency
There was a time when you’d have to either trust that a candidate was telling the truth, do some serious detective work, or get references to back up their work history claims. However, thanks to social media, people are far less prone to lying about these things and running checks is as simple as searching for the information the candidate themselves has put out about themselves. Sure, lying is still possible, but it takes a lot more skill to get away with it, so on the whole our industry has become far less sceptical of the people we put forward for our clients’ jobs.

Mobile Technology Has Helped Us Work Smarter and Faster
Thanks to smartphones, tablets and mobile internet, we can now work far more efficiently than ever before. Time spent travelling to meetings at client sites is no longer time spent in a dead space where only phone calls can reach you – you can still see your emails and instant messages in real time and reply, access your recruitment systems, and effectively do everything you can do at your desk. This can be seen as a mixed blessing when you are receiving work related notifications during your personal downtime, but from a professional point of view, it has changed how we work, how responsive we are and what we can get done in a day immeasurably.

Online Marketing Has Helped Smaller Agencies Thrive
Because smaller, newer or more niche recruitment agencies tend to rely a lot on word of mouth to introduce new clients, things like social media marketing, local search engine optimisation and highly targeted, affordable online advertising have made it far easier for them to win clients in the areas they focus on. Starting up a new agency, or running an agency in a ’boutique’ environment geared towards a very specific market may not just have been more difficult before the Web 2.0 age, but may have even been impossible for a lot of the smaller agencies that are currently successful. Marketing is now more about ideas and strategies than just an arms race for who can spend the most money on a few traditional forms of advertising, and satisfied clients or people who have been placed in jobs they love now play a much bigger role in promoting agencies, thanks to social shares.

These are just three of the ways that things we consider normal business now are the result of technology that is only a few years old. It will be interesting to see where the next wave of innovations takes the industry!

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