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Manage Unconfirmed Shifts with the Click of a Button

Chameleon-i has made it easy for our Temps Module users to view any Unconfirmed shifts on the system for a specific date range through a new addition to the menu options.

Users are then able to confirm or remove that shift through an email to the temps and client by using a customisable email template.

It’s as easy as simply clicking the Menu option, and selecting the Unconfirmed Shifts, set your date range and then click the refresh button to show the results.


  1. The user goes to Temps
  2. The user clicks the Menu option to show the options
  3. The user clicks the option called Unconfirmed Temps
  4. The grid returns all users currently unconfirmed on shift by either Email or SMS
  5. Columns returned should be: Candidate Name, Company Name, Contact Name, Job Title, No of Shifts, Time from Now, Confirm Shifts


By default, the report should be listing shifts in the current week but the drop down listing should allow the user to select the following options:

  • Current Week
  • Next Week
  • This Month
  • Next Month

The user also has the option to remove the candidate from the shift by clicking the Remove Shift button should trigger the same action as if they were removing the candidate from the Shift CAndidates grid.

Users also have the option to Confirm the Shift by clicking the Confirm Shift button. This will trigger the same action as if the user was confirming the shift from the main menu.

 For this function to work correctly the following columns are required:

  • Candidate Name                            This is from the shift – the name of the                                                                 candidate   associated the shift
  • Company Name                             This is from the shift – the name of                                                                         the company associated with the shift
  • Contact Name                                This is from the shift – the name of the                                                                 client associated with the shift
  • Job Title                                         This is from the shift – the job title of the                                                               shift
  • No of Shifts                                    The number of shifts associated with the                                                               candidate
  • Time from Now                               Calculated field – the Time from now and                                                             the next shift the candidate is due to start                                                           format is Friday 24th November
  • Confirm Shifts                                If pressed this does the same as the                                                                     confirm shifts button in the grid

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