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Integrated Partners

Our partners come pre-integrated subject to the purchase of their products or services.


Chameleon-i has now integrated with Hirabl so that you never miss an unpaid invoice. Visit hirabl.com/chameleon-i.

Recruiters today miss £1,000,000,000 (one billion!) in fees every year because they don’t keep track of submitted candidates.


Hirabl is a reporting service that continuously monitors the movement of your candidates, and notifies you when one is hired so that you never miss a hard-earned fee.

Check out this 45 second video to see how Fee Catcher works:

The service has already helped dozens of clients around the world identify thousands of potential missed placements worth over £18,000,000 in fees.

Keeping your agency optimized and profitable is one of our highest priorities at Chameleon-i. We encourage you to click here to schedule a call with Fee Catcher to discuss how they can increase your revenues.

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