In the recruitment sector, speed is essential. The challenges of attracting candidates and managing placements can quickly mount up, leaving recruiters with little time to devote to nurturing the relationships that are so important in this industry. Thankfully, introducing candidate or applicant management software means that recruiters can regain control, and enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity and data management too.

What Is Candidate Management Software?

An online service that is delivered securely to your desktop or mobile device, candidate management software is a comprehensive solution to handling the daily tasks of recruitment. Also known as applicant tracking software or ATS, these solutions are a valuable assistant throughout the hiring cycle. The software can be used for formulating job adverts, and getting them posted fast on the right websites, social media and job boards. You can then save the descriptions and adverts for repeat use, saving valuable time down the line.

These solutions are smart, too, and make light work of reviewing CVs by scanning them against a set of criteria. This gets a shortlist drawn up quickly whilst saving staff from hours of reading. With instantly accessible candidate profiles, recruiters can see at-a-glance where each applicant stands in the recruitment process. The database is easily amendable, ensuring that all essential information remains up-to-date and streamlining placements.

The Power of the Cloud

As an online, cloud-based solution, the software comes with a host of impressive advantages that can transform your agency’s processes. The potential for data analytics is almost limitless, thanks to the cloud’s processing power, which will provide your agency with valuable insights from all available metrics. Furthermore, as an online solution, the software is always accessible wherever there is internet access, with constant performance and security in place without the need to install updates or upgrades. It’s scalable too, meaning that the solution can grow with your business.

The main benefits perhaps come from the software’s ability to automate many of the daily operations and tasks that can take up so much of your valuable time. By allowing the system to take care of repetitive processes, recruiters can instead focus on other parts of the job, greatly boosting efficiency and productivity as a result.

Choosing the Right Software

Nowadays, 75% of those working in the fast-paced field of recruitment are already using some kind of dedicated software, which serves to confirm just how beneficial these tools can be to a busy agency. There are many solutions available, and it’s important to make the right choice for your agency’s needs. Check there is integration with useful applications such as email and diary, for seamless, convenient daily use. Make sure that it can post jobs to the relevant websites and social media, to ensure that adverts reach the right candidates, and opt for a system that can deliver the analytics necessary to give your agency the edge. For the best value, look for a solution that can be provided as a cost-effective subscription service.