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Why Choose Chameleon-i

Chameleon-i uses a cloud based technology platform, the service is sold on demand using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

A cloud-based platform is a general term for a hosted service that is delivered via the Internet.  Cloud-based platforms costs less than traditional software as there is no up front cost or on-going support contract. We fully manage the program and remove the need for hardware infrastructure and IT personnel. It is completely scalable, more secure and includes automatic upgrades and enhancements.

Cloud-based recruitment software focuses on the user and is all about making your recruitment agency run more efficiently and successfully with greater cost controls, powerful and innovative technology and no IT maintenance headaches.

Advantages of using Chameleon-i on-line recruitment software:

Cost effective:
No capital outlay or investment in IT infrastructure. No ongoing maintenance or employment of IT staff to manage your requirements. Flexible and affordable pay-as-you-go modules.

Frequent upgrade cycle:
Our developers are constantly updating functionality and technology supporting your business practices at no extra cost and with no interruptions to service.

Infinitely scalable and international:
Scalable to accommodate growing companies and global implementation; meeting the needs of recruitment agencies of all sizes, offering lifetime value.

Fast and simple implementation:
On-demand recruitment software is delivered as a service via the internet, so it’s faster to implement with no installation of any hardware or software.

Integration with third party services:
Collaboration with designated worldwide partners and suppliers to support your working practices.

Securely stored data
Your data is securely stored on UK based servers. Our data storage provider is Rise, they have more that 500,000 customers that rely on Rise’s DataCentre on demand platform and hosting service. Rise are responsible for 5 billion MB of data, 1.5 million domains and eight thousand dedicated servers. One of the many reasons we chose Rise to host the Chameleon-i platform and services.

Reduced business risk:
The financial and technical responsibilities of traditional server-based software are reduced with no long term IT management costs, reduced operational costs and increased security.

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