Searches on both cloud recruitment software and COVID-19 -driven remote jobs have increased exponentially over the past few weeks and this is set to continue throughout 2020. The ever-evolving and changing demands of the job market require solutions that can adapt and reach your target audience in record time.

Being able to adapt is everything

One of the benefits of using internet-based IT systems is that you can change the look, feel and text of your site and software at the drop of a hat. The year 2020 has already witnessed societal change on a scale not seen since the Second World War. Companies are being required to adapt and keep up with these changes and they are having to do so at an unprecedented rate.

Ways to ensure that you are reaching your target audience

The global pandemic has led to an enormous degree of change in the way the UK employment sector looks and behaves. Employees who may have been recently furloughed may be seeking short-term and contract work in industries they may never have worked in before. Key workers and even people previously retired may be looking for temporary contracts as demand for more front-line jobs increases and employers need to fill short-term and temporary roles to help meet high demand, particularly in the health and social care sectors.

If you have a cloud-based system, you should certainly be able to create new sectors or market segments within the software itself. You should be able to add new categories, such as ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Farm Work’ which new job seekers can then use to find the positions.

Having an internet-based recruitment system means that not only can you make the changes in record time, you can also create special announcements and get the message out to your clients faster. Some of your clients may be adapting their businesses to suit market demand at present and so being able to communicate with them quickly and clearly is key. Having email notifications set up to reflect this is also essential. Use your cloud-based recruitment software to its best, maximise on the portability and flexibility it gives you and attract both employers and employees at exactly the right moment.

Ensure that you get the help of your software provider

All good software providers should be able to meet demand during these times of change. If you need new data adding or adapting to include COVID-19 related adverts and searches, the software should be configurable enough to enable you to do this. Your software provider should be able to assist you. Software providers are generally willing to go the extra mile for their customers during these unprecedented times and it is certainly not beyond the realms of any provider to offer extra help as a result of COVID-19.