Not all problems are easy to solve, but recruitment management software can help with a lot of them. Making your whole recruitment process more streamlined and automated, it simplifies the whole process and helps with some of the common problems.

recruitment management software

High Recruitment Costs

We all want to reduce costs – not quality. Agencies may help you to find the right people and save you time, but not always. Agencies can be hard work in themselves. They don’t seem to understand that HR, particularly with small teams, does more than just recruitment. The time you spend with them actually increases your costs. The logical alternative is applicant tracking software. If you engage with the supplier and are clear about your needs, it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Improve Efficiency During the Recruitment Process

When you are getting 50 or 100 applications for one role, it’s a lot of work for someone to go through them all to see which ones are even going to make it to the hiring manager. Enter software, stage left. Enter the right key words for the role you are advertising and it will automatically reduce the number of applications you have to physically sift through.

Ensuring You Get the Right Person

This is a perennial problem. Some surveys say that the cost of employing the wrong person is equal to double the cost of their salary, which is staggering. It’s the cost of management time on additional performance reviews and the cost of putting mistakes right. As recruiters or HR we have to persuade our hiring managers that the wrong person is not the right fit for a void they want to fill urgently. To do our best to avoid this, we need the hiring managers to be very clear about what the role requires and that the job description and personal specifications accurately reflect this. It’s also worth training your managers in interview techniques so that they don’t feel afraid to probe into what candidates are saying. Lots of people talk a really good job! With these systems, you can also put promising CVs into a talent pool.

Brand and Candidate Experience

Whatever the outcome, you do want your aspiring employees to have a good impression of the whole experience. Even if you choose not to employ somebody, they can still walk away thinking they’ve been treated well, which is what you want. It means that they may still want to work for you again in the future, which is a boost to your brand. If you treat them badly, they may well leave with a bad overall impression and never want to work for you. Not good for any employer brand.

As you can see, using automated software speeds up the entire recruitment process and makes it smoother and easier for all concerned. It cuts down on admin time and improves the candidate experience. What’s not to like?