Digital automation is one of the most powerful tools in the business kit. Its capacity to improve productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, cost savings and employee fulfilment is considerable.

If you routinely work with clients on both permanent and temporary recruitment software will already be an important component of your processes. But there is a temptation once you have invested in this kind of resource to make use of only its headline capabilities without fully integrating all its features into your business. It’s worth spending a few moments to remind yourself just how powerful recruitment software can be.


Applicant tracking

It sounds obvious but making sure that all the disparate pieces of information about applicants are properly organized and accessible is essential. There is always a chance that a prime candidate will slip through the net because of an easily avoidable error or that the contact details for another could be misplaced. An automated tracking system can eliminate these very human errors, and save your clients time and money while ensuring that the ideal hire is made.


Secure Cloud Storage

Record-keeping needs to be methodical, fool-proof and must comply at all times with the rigorous data protection demands of GDPR and the Data Protection Act. Even if you have replaced physical filing systems with a paperless environment, the data you store is only as safe as the protections in your local network. This is a particularly important issue if you process and store large amounts of data about short-term contract workers. Here the cloud security measures enabled by temporary recruitment software become invaluable.


Permanent Access

Recruitment needs don’t end with the working day. You or your clients may need access at any time during the working week or at weekends to assess, review or update applicant information. You could be at home, in the office or anywhere; you may need to share data with colleagues who are also working remotely. Don’t overlook your software’s capabilities to give you that kind of flexibility.


The Talent Pool and Temporary Recruitment Software

Increasingly, recruitment agencies need to be able to build and maintain a large and diverse pool of talent. This may consist of people pursuing live applications but it may be heavily supplemented by others who are not currently seeking new positions but whose skills, experience and stated ambition mean they need to be instantly contactable and brought into consideration should circumstances demand it. There will undoubtedly be many fixed-term contract workers among their number. Use your temporary recruitment software to ensure that your talent pool remains plentiful and current.


Automated Communication

Digital tools are designed to save time and money, so the facility of recruitment software to streamline your communication with applicants and candidates through a single system is immensely beneficial. Instead of composing individual emails to dozens or even hundreds of candidates, always use the highly sophisticated automated communication tools your software supplies. It is neither impersonal nor perfunctory – rather it is professional, efficient and productive.