Recruitment is a business where, as in any other sector, the impulse to drive sales and boost productivity is often hampered by the weight of administrative duties and the sheer time consumed by labour-intensive chores. These are necessary parts of any business, yet they can actually hinder your progress.

Staffing agency software relieves burdens and empowers sales

Tech solutions are rapidly transforming the nature and intensity of these back-room functions. Digital tools, cloud-based solutions, automation and AI are facilitators that businesses in the pre-digital age could barely dream of.

In addition to saving you time and money by taking on many of these mundane but necessary activities, developments in software are also bringing new proactive tools to enhance your sales practices that can contribute quantifiably to your profitability. How can your recruitment consultancy join in the reaping of these rewards? Let’s have a look.

Five benefits of staffing agency software

1. To maximise the time your staff can spend doing the job of recruiting, you can automate much of the manual preparation and monitoring of the recruitment process. A modern recruitment CRM with its own task management system will organise your team’s time and priorities with speed and precision. It makes it easy to keep track of calls, emails and text messages while tracking the status of tasks pending, in progress or completed.

2. Automate as much communication as possible. If your instinct is to worry that scaling down human involvement may lead to oversights or mistakes, remember that a digital system is designed to capture, process and analyse everything with unflagging concentration that isn’t distracted by a dozen other tasks. Email automation can save you four or five hours a week. When fully integrated with all your technology platforms, it provides a seamless solution that will never let you down.

3. By removing these routine human duties, staffing agency software frees your staff to flourish as consultants. You didn’t employ them to manage documents and spend their days emailing hiring managers. Their skills are interpersonal, the kind that AI cannot replicate. Bringing in this level of automated tech support allows them to spend time making connections, spending time with clients and talking to potential candidates

4. The recruitment industry thrives on data, which means that data science is crucial to business growth. The use of recruitment metrics means an end to reliance on instinct, assumption and anecdote. Instead, your team can formulate decisions based on the real-world data that is supplied and processed by data analytics.

5. Another consequence of using recruitment software is that it enables and encourages communication within your team. Instead of individual recruiters having to burrow down their own rabbit-holes, the collective nature of this information exchange helps make the most of their initiative, creativity and collaborative skills.

The closer you look at staffing agency software, the more benefits you’ll discover. Embrace the new digital opportunities and watch your company’s productivity grow.