Having an easily accessible recruitment database is now more important than ever. This article will take you through five key tips that can help you get to grips with cloud based recruitment software in the UK.

1. Companies Are Switching to Cloud Based Recruitment Software in the UK

One of the key trends in recruitment databases right now is that companies are switching to cloud based recruitment software in the UK. This is because the switch to cloud-based software means that companies are able to access client data anywhere where they have a stable internet connection. With the growth in remote working showing no signs of stopping, having this flexibility is now more important than ever as candidate records become accessible anywhere rather than being tied to hardware that will remain in the office.

2. Use an Application Tracking System

Using an application tracking system is a good way to handle your recruitment database. Applicant tracking systems are extremely helpful in achieving the goal of placing higher numbers of candidates, as they allow you to store all candidate details in one easily searchable place. Having all your information in a single database means you’ll spend less time trawling through confusing records and more time building great relationships with candidates and clients.

3. Make Sure Your Records Are Integrated

Another way to streamline your database is by making sure your records are integrated with your website. Web-enabled databases allow you, your applicants and your clients to quickly access information that has been updated in real time. Integrating your website with your database means you will be able to quickly and easily post client vacancies. This integration is easy to master, meaning your company will have the flexibility to develop its own website without necessarily having to employ expensive external web developers.

4. Categorize Your Candidates

A good recruitment database will allow you to categorize your candidates into relevant, easily searchable subsets. Adding further details to client records makes them easy to find when you’re looking to fill specific role types. The more information you can record and store about a candidates’ likes, dislikes, skills and career aspirations, the easier it is to match people and jobs.

5. Get Rid of Duplicates

Regularly scheduling clean-ups to get rid of duplicates is a simple way to make you sure your recruitment database doesn’t get out of control. Making sure that you get rid of duplicate records on a regular basis means you won’t end up with confusion about which candidates have been placed with which clients.

It’s easy to see why more and more companies are making use of cloud based recruitment software in the UK. It makes record keeping simple, allowing you to focus on spending your time building better relationships with your clients and customers.