It’s important in any recruitment business to stay in touch with candidates and clients so you’re always up to speed on the latest vacancies and the status of candidates.

Regular informal communication helps you stay in touch so that when the right opportunities come along, your business springs to mind as you’ve built up a strong relationship with clients and candidates. Sometimes, a formal email may not be read until it’s too late. Text messages not only get the message across quickly, but the informal nature of them means it’s easier to stay in touch and enjoy a more personal communication style and ongoing dialogue.

Using a recruitment management system to stay in touch

A recruitment management system can integrate your contacts’ details, your emails, SMS messages and your diary. You can send important timely communications to make your working relationship stronger. By setting diary reminders, you can quickly send a text to wish a candidate good luck, to ask how an interview went and also to say something has come up in which they may be interested.

The whole relationship becomes more personal and makes candidates and clients alike feel appreciated with your individualised approach. Texts also allow gentle humour which can make a business relationship seem more informal, makes the recruiter seem more approachable and candidates feel more relaxed.

Stay in touch even when the candidate gets the job

It’s a great idea to wish a candidate good luck on starting their first day in a new job. Even once a candidate has been placed, it’s invaluable to stay in touch in case there are other opportunities for that candidate at a later date. If a similar more senior position occurs in the future, that same candidate may very well be ready to move on to the next stage.

Building Success and building relationships

Using a recruitment management system to store key contact details, and notes of a candidate’s skills, ambitions and experience means that when a vacancy occurs which seems suitable, you can quickly get in touch with candidates. An informal text with a link to details of the role can quickly get the message out and find interested candidates. You can then get back to the client promptly to confirm you have suitable candidates interested and move onto the more formal elements of the recruitment process.

This rapid exchange of text messages means you’re more likely to stay ahead of your competitors as you have been quick to offer assurance that you have the matter in hand. The informal nature of texting means that this quick and easy way of staying in touch shows your business in a professional light and just how organised and efficient you are.

A recruitment management system will help you to convey a highly professional impression and is more likely to get results which, in turn, will help you get more referrals from satisfied clients and candidates, fuelling future growth.