Chameleon-i’s Candidates search grid has had a few additional features and search criteria added over the last couple of weeks. They include the following: –

Use ‘Contacted’ from the dropdown list and the date range picker, From – To, to narrow your search results within a specified last contacted date range.


Use ‘CVdate’ to find candidates with CV’s uploaded within a date range.

cvdatesearch1Use ‘Registered’ to find candidates that have registered within a specified date range.

registereddatesearch1Use ‘Salary’ to narrow your search criteria by using a salary From – To range.


You can use ‘Visa Expires Date’ to look for candidates whose Visa will expire within a specified date range.

Visa Expirey Date Search

Finally don’t forget that the Chameleon-i Candidates grid search has had a new addition, in the form of the ‘Sounds Like’ option in the second criteria drop down list.

You can use ‘Sounds Like’ to widen your search criteria for example: looking for the contact forename ‘Dave’ with this option will return results back such as ‘David’ or ‘Davy’. It’s a good way to get back results which include and allow for nicknames, shortened names, partial names in order to save you time and trouble in finding that elusive contact!


If you need any help using any of our features or have any questions regarding Chameleon-i feel free to contact us on  +44(0)1483 600370.