Cloud Recruitment Software

Cloud recruitment software relies on sharing computing resources – this is instead of having local servers or personal devices handling the applications.

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What is Cloud Recruitment Software?

With this Cloud Recruitment software, where you can have access to your CRM data at any time, from any device – all you need is an internet connection.

By choosing cloud recruitment software, you can avoid the costs and pitfalls associated with on-premise solutions.

How can cloud recruitment software help me?

In a small and midsized business (SMB), there can often be a lack of time and financial resources. It may be difficult to purchase, deploy and maintain infrastructures, such as software, server and storage.

Cloud recruitment software means that you can access these resources simply by using an internet connection and web browser.

This also gives users the flexibility to expand or shrink services as business needs dictate. A monthly or pay-as-you-go subscription model is designed for the easy addition or removal of services.

What should you look for when choosing cloud recruitment software?

The ideal software should be:

  • Easily customisable
  • Gives you the tools you use
  • Provide extensive capacity for your data

What are the benefits of working on the cloud?

  1. Collaboration is much easier – files are stored centrally
  2. Security – with your data stored in the cloud you are able to access it from anywhere
  3. Portability is easier – you don’t have to worry about carrying documents
  4. Small business friendly – you can use cloud business applications and pay as you go
  5. Scalability – your storage will be far more flexible and scalable, than if you’re having to host it in your own premises
  6. Automatic software updates – you don’t have to worry about updating anything

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