Seriously efficient contract recruitment software

Replace legacy paper-based systems today

Forget paper-based systems. Our system creates timesheets presented for completion by contractors and approved online by your clients with the option to produce sales and purchase invoices directly from approved timesheet data.

Our system is truly global, operates in any currency, and offers multiple pay and charge rates.

Customers can expect hassle-free timesheet collection and error-free invoice generation, saving any sized organisation time, effort and money.

Our timesheets module produces weekly reports, perfect for importing into 3rd party payroll solutions. These reports can be customised for a small fee to meet your providers exact import requirements.

Customised automated e-mails through our integrated e-mail editor can help convey your company brand and message to both contractors and employers.

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Agency, Contractor and Client Features


Check contract availability. 

With Chameleon-i, you can view and manage contract information for your agency, clients and contractors.

Via the contract matrix, you can view:

  • Associated outstanding and completed timesheets
  • Contractor invoices
  • Client sales invoices

Users can e-mail or print completed and authorised PDF timesheets and invoices when required.


Get online approval.

Agencies, contractors and employers are able to view detailed timesheet information based on pay and charge rate, including the margin.

You can also view a complete history of all timesheets in the systems and all relevant timesheet information.


Easy invoicing for your agency.

View all invoices generated by the system, as well as timesheet data associated with each invoice.

Get a complete breakdown of employer and contractor invoice and timesheet information.


Stay in touch with ease.

All correspondence can be tracked in the message section. This enables true remote access to all e-mail information sent to contractors and clients.

Agency Profile

Access control.

Agency staff can monitor the full process of timesheet creation and invoice generation within Chameleon-i via the Contract tab.

All timesheet and invoice data are stored automatically within the client and candidate records, ready for Consultants to view.

Contractor and Employer Profiles

See a complete overview.

Both employers and contractors are able to monitor the full process of timesheet approval and invoice generation within their portals.

All information is available to track and monitor time and invoices effectively.

Invoices can include VAT or zero-rated, and can accomodate umbrella companies.

The Chameleon-i Contract Module features:

  • Timesheet details
  • Archive sales invoice details
  • Archive contractor invoices
  • Display pay
  • Charge rates
  • Track contracts
  • E-mail alerts
  • E-mail reminders
  • Invoice approval process
  • Display charge rates

Discover our Temporary Recruitment software

Make light work of the fast-paced world of temporary bookings.


  • Manage temporary shifts
  • Deal with timesheet approval and billing
  • Stay on top with in-depth reporting
  • Monitor time and attendance with our Check-in system