There is usually one simple reason why recruitment agencies choose to invest in specialist staffing software: and that is that they want to make things better. Here, “better” can include a wide range of elements: from greater efficiency and productivity to easier processes, through to managing data more securely. However, this can only be achieved by investing in the right software solution. Read on to discover the five major indications that you are making the right software choices for your agency.

1. Built-In Search Capabilities

A great recruitment software solution should always include impressive search capabilities. After all, this functionality is key to saving you and your team time, while ensuring that nothing is overlooked. Built-in search allows you to find candidates quickly, which is crucial in the fast-paced world of recruitment. Having this feature included in your staffing agency software can give you the edge you need.

2. Integrated Calendar and Communication

By choosing a software solution which integrates calendar functions, it’s easy to stay on track with your to-do list, and to see at a glance what needs to happen on a given date, whichever application you’re using. When the calendar is shareable and collaborative, things get even better: assigning tasks to other colleagues or tracking their tasks for a given date becomes a quick and painless process when everyone’s important deadlines and appointments are on view with a click. Choosing a solution with integrated communication allows everyone to stay in the loop across devices and platforms and makes communicating with candidates and clients easy and efficient, too.

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3. Reporting Tools Make Business Sense

Opting for a solution which includes reporting tools is an excellent way of keeping staff motivated and staying in control of everything that’s going on in the agency. By monitoring staff and their deadlines, it’s easy to identify any problems before they turn into significant issues. Using the analytics from reporting tools unlocks your ability to make smart business decisions, removing the element of doubt.

4. Staffing Agency Software Needs To Be Easy

Of course, to get the most out of your software solution, it must be simple for everyone to use. Look for intuitive navigation, a clear dashboard, and a streamlined, cohesive performance across a range of platforms. After all, you, your team and candidates will likely be accessing its applications from different devices, including smartphones and tablets. Ensuring you choose an easy-to-use model will allow everyone to get to grips with the system quickly, and efficiently.

5. Size Is a Factor

If your agency is a smaller operation, it’s unlikely you’ll need the same scale of software package as a large national staffing organisation. Opting for a cloud-based staffing agency solution is the perfect choice for agencies of all sizes, as it offers flexibility to tailor the package to your individual needs. It’s fully scalable, too, so as your needs change, so too can your software solution.