Whether you’re completely new to virtual recruitment or want to improve on current processes, there has never been a better time to simplify this task and widen your pool of candidates. Even for positions that will ultimately be located on site, virtual recruitment and temporary recruitment software can drastically cut the resources spent on screening and shorten the time between advertising a position and a new hire getting started in their role.

Adapting to the new normal

Remote hiring is quick, but right now it’s also essential. With restrictions and uncertain timescales for a return to standard working practices, there’s no need to put recruitment on hold. Businesses can ensure continuity and even get ahead on filling future roles with temporary recruitment software.

Screening candidates

This task just became much quicker. Use video interviews and assessments to work through a shortlist. With remote interviews it’s much easier to schedule them for a time that suits both candidate and interviewer.

You’ll be automating many of the manual tasks associated with interviewing and won’t need to worry about factors such as room bookings and refreshments (apart from yours, of course!) You’ll also save money on any travel expenses you might pay for long distance candidates.

Improve your hiring strategy

When you’re spending less time on recruitment admin, you’ll be freeing yourself up to put together a really focused strategy that zeroes in on the qualities and skills you need. This in turn will create a more consistent approach to recruitment that may allow you to broaden the field to a different type of candidate, especially if you’re recruiting for remote roles that can be fulfilled in any location. Using an established strategy can allow you to avoid an unconscious hiring bias and access a much wider talent pool then before.

Improving processes with temporary recruitment software

All of the common tasks associated with temporary recruitment can be managed from one system. Our system makes the following tasks a breeze:

– Booking systems where you can create shifts and schedules, add and remove staff and insert ad-hoc items.
-Chameleon-i’s shift rotation and pattern functions take the pain out of setting up complex shift patterns.
-Reporting is vastly simplified, the Temps Module monitors all activity for easy reporting.
-Create your templates once and store them for continued use and track communications sent from any device.
-Check-in system. Let your team manage attendance information on your client’s behalf – not more timesheet chasing!
-The Client/Candidate portal allows everyone to access information to reduce the constant relaying of standard information on shifts, vacancies, rates of pay, upcoming work and logged hours.

Soon we’ll be adding a Compliance Module to not only keep records consistent and accessible, but also to ensure requirements are met before candidates start work.