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GDPR Compliance Module

The Chameleon-i GDPR module will allow clients to communicate with candidates on their databases and will allow them to Opt-In or Opt-Out and to confirm the validity of the data held.

The module works as follows:

Confirm order – There is a charge of £10 per agency per month.

Upon order Chameleon-i will automatically create baskets and an editable email template.

You MUST TICK the ‘Activate GDPR Emails’ tick box in Admin Company tab for the system to start, this will give afford you time to do any data cleansing required and edit your email template.

The email template indicates why you are contacting the candidate and includes a link to a unique web page that shows the basic candidate information and CV held with Opt In/Out tick boxes.

This email can be found and edited via the CMS tab in Admin.

All candidates on record not contacted (excluding created) in the last six months are automatically placed in the basket

Chameleon-i automatically sends a bulk email daily on your behalf.

Responses fall into one of three categories and will automatically updated to reflect these:

  • 1 -Yes, I am happy that you have my details, they are correct, and I want to remain on your correspondence lists – Marked GDPR status OK, note created and contacted time reset.
  • 2 – I want to opt out, don’t send me communications – Automatically placed in a basket to be deleted from system/database – GDPR status set to OUT and ability to bulk email removed. You are responsible for deleting the records from the basket Chameleon-i will NOT delete the records automatically.You can contact candidates in the delete basket to see if they opted out by mistake, we are sure this will happen from time to time. If this is the case the candidate must revisit web page and opt-in. This will reset the GDPR status to OK in Chameleon-i and User can remove the candidate from delete basket back into active database.
  • 3 – No response – GDPR status set to Unknown and time reset as user can demonstrate that they have complied with legislation by contacting the candidate and giving them the options. Users will have the option to include these records in on-going bulk emails by ticking the box to include in the bulk email. They are automatically excluded by default.

You can view the GDPR workflow by clicking here.

Important Information on Email Quotas

Due to its inherent nature this module, will utilise your email platform. Due to the large numbers of emails being sent, it is possible that this could exceed your email accounts daily, weekly or monthly email quota/limit set by email provider/ ISP, resulting in emails not being sent.

Before you deploy this module it is your responsibility to check you are able to send large volumes of email, and where necessary increase your email quota/limit with the ISP. Chameleon-i cannot be held responsible for any emails (in relation to the GDPR module or those relating to your daily business) not being sent as a result of you exceeding your email quota/limit and your email provider/ISP refusing to send/deliver emails to the intended recipient(s).

If you want to know more about how Chameleon-i sends and receives email please click here.

If you are unsure about any aspects relating to email quotas and how GDPR might effect you please contact us, we are here to help.

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