The increasingly competitive job market is making it harder to find talented candidates, putting recruiters under more pressure than ever. When companies find skilled personnel, they’re acting fast to process applications and recruit employees of the highest calibre.

So how can you stay ahead in recruiting top talent?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are being rapidly adopted by many leading businesses to ensure that they’re at the forefront of recruitment, taking advantage of web based solutions to attract the best candidates, process CVs, enhance their brand’s competitive edge and beat their competitors to onboarding the finest recruits.

What is a recruitment applicant tracking system?

Web based ATS streamlines the recruitment process by analysing CVs, identifying the top applicants and arranging interviews. The system is a central hub for talent, storing applications and identifying matches by job requirements or skills. Applicant tracking systems can also be branded by organisations to create career portals where opportunities can be posted on external and internal job boards.

How will an ATS help us hire talented employees?

By creating a company career portal, the organisation’s values can be seamlessly communicated and the business showcased as the ideal place to work. Top candidates look for companies they can align with and by getting creative with ATS technology and developing recruitment videos with real employee testimonials, it’s easy to demonstrate the level of care for the people that work there. The portal also allows applicants to search for vacancies, answer screening questions and to submit their curriculum vitae.

Analytics software built into the recruitment applicant tracking system produces reports to show how many visits each page receives, where the website traffic is directed from and how long the engagement is with each section. This information can be used to adjust future recruitment campaigns and increase future attraction.

HR and hiring managers use ATS software to streamline the use of external jobs’ boards, automating simultaneous posts including those to social network websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. An effective recruitment applicant tracking system also analyses candidate sources, providing valuable data on which sites have lead to successful onboarding, saving time, energy and money.

Identifying the best applications can be an intensive task and the time filtering out unqualified candidates can be the difference between winning and losing the best talent. Cutting edge businesses are using recruitment applicant tracking systems to automate the collection of CVs and utilising the analytics tools to identify top talent effectively and quickly.

An ATS enhances your overall recruitment process including the candidate experience, optimising hiring workflows to improve responses and timings and with potential employees job searching based on previous applicants’ reviews, a positive recruitment process is more important than ever. An ATS such as Chameleon-i will provide a range of tools to improve hiring team collaboration, ultimately coordinating the whole process into a slick example of how your company operates.