Today, heavily configured CRM software packages based upon the principles established in the mature Customer Relationship Management market can be used to carry out recruitment processes which might have been completed manually in the past.

What are the benefits of recruitment CRM software?

Built primarily for use by recruitment agencies where the same tasks are constantly being repeated, a scaled down version can be incredibly helpful for businesses who would like to do their own recruitment. Most recruitment CRM software packages will be set up to take the user through a series of steps, ensuring that all tasks associated with recruitment are completed.

It is also helpful to have everything associated with the recruitment in one place, allowing application and appointment progress to be tracked and tasks to be assigned easily within the business. Like most software, you will find recruitment CRM software is now cloud-based and mobile-friendly, meaning that it can be accessed by anyone with login credentials, from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, wherever they are.

Is it worth the investment?

With every potential investment, the benefits should always outweigh the costs. In an increasingly digital world, automated and online processes will benefit everyone. Word gets around the jobs market and everything is constantly reviewed. A business with a reportedly slow recruitment process, or which makes mistakes can struggle to recruit suitable talent. However, people do share good experiences and if a candidate has experienced a streamlined process of application, interview, and eventual appointment, they will tell people about it.

My business is not a recruitment agency, do I need it?

The thing with any software, especially cloud-based software, is that there is no one size fits all package which you must buy into. The software provided by most companies will be broken up into smaller functional elements, and you can choose a mix of the components that you need.

There are often add-ons for other HR processes once you have recruited, which will be welcomed by employees, especially if they have had a good recruitment experience using the same software. It just shows that the business has a joined-up way of working and since everything is in one place, it is easier to manage to ensure that processes are streamlined.

Whatever type of business you have, whether it is a recruitment agency or not, if you have employees of any type, you will find that using CRM software will help you to offer an upgraded recruitment process. The benefits will be felt not only by existing employees who are involved in recruiting for your business, but also for prospective employees and candidates.

Keeping information together in one place online, where it can be accessed by those who need it easily, where it is presented in a format which is easy to follow and where it makes the whole process faster, more reliable and altogether more bearable for those involved can only be considered a major benefit. It’s time to upgrade your recruitment processes with CRM software.