It’s a fast-paced part of the business, so if you’re dealing with temporary recruitment it’s vital that you have the tools you need to keep up. Using temporary recruitment software is the best way to stay in control. Offering benefits that are tailored to the demands of temporary recruitment, this specialised software can help improve efficiency.

What features are included?

The system offers a host of tools to streamline the temporary recruitment workload, with features hand-picked for the specific challenges of this sector. Templates for bookings and messaging can be created, alongside tools for managing shift patterns and rotations. It’s a great aide to managing candidates, with availability monitoring and a quick and easy drag and drop method for slotting candidates into different vacancies. Both clients and candidates can benefit from seeing useful information such as shift vacancies and hours worked.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to matching temporary positions to candidates, and by integrating a temporary recruitment system you can save considerable time every day. The software automates many routine administrative tasks, freeing you and your team to follow up on connections. Communication is taken care of, with messaging software that allows you to create time-saving email and text message templates. The system enables you to organise correspondence with placeholders, and track it from any device, making routine communications much more time efficient. This in turn helps to boost overall productivity, and all without the risk of missing any vital new messages.

Clarity is key when dealing with the myriad of information that comes with managing temporary positions. A temporary recruitment software makes it easy to see this relevant data at a glance, wherever you are, as you can access the system from any device with an internet connection. Both recruitment staff, clients and candidates can use the system to view available shifts, shift patterns and filled vacancies, with the additional benefit of showing rates of pay alongside hours worked, and upcoming shift patterns. This helps everyone concerned to stay on track, and avoids confusion when it comes to shift or placement allocation, and saves recruiters time as this information can be simply viewed online by clients and candidates, without needing to getting in touch.

A temporary recruitment software provides a speedy way to update crucial information such as candidate check-ins and check-outs, enabling accurate tracking of any lateness or absences. It’s an ideal step towards a more environmentally friendly workplace, too, as the system removes the need for paper timesheets. Instead, the contractor timesheet software makes timesheet collection simple and straightforward, with the ability to generate invoices across multiple currencies, and multiple charges and pay rates, all without the risk of costly errors being made.

Adding a temporary recruitment software is therefore an excellent decision, with many benefits sure to increase organisation and efficiency. It’s a simple addition that can give your agency the edge.