The world of employment is changing. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the growth of the temporary sector.

Temporary Recruitment Is on the Rise

Some experts predict that the increase in demand for temporary workers is going to continue unabated. In fact, reports suggest that up to 25% of global workers will be employed on a temporary basis within the next couple of years.

So it makes good business sense to put measures in place now to cope with the expected increase in demand. The obvious solution is to implement a robust and scalable temporary staffing protocol. And that means sourcing appropriate software.

A quick online search will reveal a number of options, but it’s important to spend time ensuring that your chosen software has all the features that you need, both now and in the future.

Temporary Staffing Software

Key Features of an Effective Temporary Staffing Software Platform

Keeping track of numerous temporary employees is complex and time-consuming. Let your software take the strain by opting for a package that lets you arrange bookings using simple drag and drop systems.

You’ll also want to be able create shifts and schedules with a click of the mouse, add occasional ad-hoc shifts whenever necessary, and add and remove workers with the minimum of fuss. And if you’re managing a large workforce, you’ll appreciate an easy way of creating and storing your booking templates so that they’re available in the system for whenever they’re needed.

If you’ve ever been responsible for creating shift patterns and rotations, then you’ll be only too aware of the logistical nightmare that it can quickly turn into! So look for software that makes light work of the process. Your aim is to book workers into patterns quickly and efficiently, so the right program will quickly become indispensable.

And don’t forget about communicating with your clients and candidates. Your temporary staffing program should include tracking data so that you can quickly and easily find any piece of correspondence, no matter whether you’re at your desk or out and about. Look for software that is fully optimised for all devices, so you’re never left without complete access to all the information you require. Sometimes it’s the ability to act swiftly that makes all the difference, and it’s certainly essential for ensuring the goodwill of your clients and candidates.

Your perfect temporary recruitment software should also enable you and your team to keep a close eye on attendance rates, hours worked and sick days. So keep an eye out for a platform which lets you check workers in and out at their place of work.

Spend time choosing the software platform for managing your temporary workers. You’re going to be using it for a long time to come, so it’s worth getting it right from the outset.