How to choose the right recruitment software

The decision to use a CRM or Applicant Tracking System is never made lightly.

There are numerous recruitment software systems out there, each with different functionality and pricing. So how as an Agency Owner, do you go about making the right choice of software that will work for you? To begin with, try asking the following questions before reading software reviews.

• Is it built for a business my size?
• How easy is it to use? Can I easily train employees?
• How customisable is the software?
• What features are available to help me with sales, marketing and other aspects of my business?
• How easy is it to integrate with other solutions I already use?
• What limitations are there to using the software?
• What is the total cost of the software? Are there any setup or additional fees? What if I need to add more users?

Once you have the answers to these, and have identified a shortlist of possible contenders, the next step to read as many reviews of the software as possible. By learning how its customers interact with a product you will gain a greater understanding of how the software operates in a real-world environment.

CRM and ATS software reviews will also give you an idea of the provider’s reputation with its customers. There are a number of software review sites out there but for CRM and ATS systems we would recommend Capterra or Software Advice.

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