The Covid-19 pandemic has turned recruitment and the world of work on its head. Everyone is wondering what will happen when it’s over and whether things will ever go back to ‘normal’ or will the ‘new normal’ persist? Some companies will not survive this pandemic but one thing is sure: recruitment will ramp up again and the way we do it will probably become more automated with less face-to-face interaction.

Which is where web-based recruitment software comes into its own. Covid-19 is going to stop people from wanting to interact face-to-face for quite some time, so making use of technology and web-based recruitment software will help us to do that in the recruitment sphere.

What is recruitment software?

Many organisations have started to use recruitment software – applicant tracking systems – purely because they help get more applicants and they enable a large part of the process to be automated. Put simply, candidates apply through an online system either by submitting their CVs or completing an online application form. The software enables recruiters to automate parts of the process and speed it up, thus reducing time.

It’s important during this time when recruitment has slowed, for organisations to ensure that their software meets their needs and is fit for purpose and if not, change it now. For some organisations, it will be appropriate for the software to automatically sift candidates out if they don’t include certain keywords in their applications.

How Tough Will it Be?

This is the million-dollar question and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. As with everything in recruitment, each organisation has its own requirements. What candidates need to do – and this applies with or without the pandemic – is to read the requirements of the role and be sure that they are suitably qualified for the position. They need to ensure that they address the requirements in their CV or application form.

You can be the best-qualified person in the world, but if it isn’t clear from your application, the prospective employer won’t know. Candidates need to make it clear that they can do what the employer needs. There are a surprising number of people that see a couple of words in a job advert and think they are a fit when they meet none of the other criteria. Make it easy for yourself by reading the job ad closely.

Organisations will all change as a result of the Covid pandemic and some may never be the same as before. The type of work we require people to do may change but one thing is certain; the economy will recover. The way we recruit will become more automated and technology-led, but candidates still need to cover the basics in any application. A computer can’t second guess you, and frankly, nor can recruitment teams. Make it easy for everyone.