Importing data.

Adding new data or migrating data from another software provider? We are here to help.

If you are looking to add new data or migrate from another software provider, we can help you import your data directly into Chameleon-i.

Cleanse and improve your database
Data migration to any software product is an exact science and often a complex and time-consuming process. When you adopt any new software system, data migration is an inevitable process that needs to be undertaken for data consistency and can provide the opportunity to cleanse your database, improving the quality of your data. We offer our customers the flexibility of two options for data migration:

Free self-service data import
Our bulk import function is predominantly used by our new clients. It enables you to put your data into spreadsheets and import bulk data. We provide two templates, a company, client and candidate, simply populate the specified fields and upload the data to import. When the data is queued for import, you will receive a job number and when complete you will be notified via email. The imported data will be stored in baskets for you to review, amend or delete if necessary.

Data migration service
If you would rather we did all the hard work for you, we can discuss how our team can migrate your data into Chameleon-i. The complexity of the data migration does have an impact on the associated cost, for futher information please contact us on +44 (0)1483 600370 or click here.

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