Recruitment is a fast-paced industry where time matters, and it is vital that recruitment companies work efficiently and dynamically. Online recruitment software can streamline the complete recruitment process, improve communication and allow companies to function efficiently. One key benefit of advanced recruitment software is that it can improve candidate searches by organising and sorting talent, therefore saving time and effort in the hiring process.

Online recruitment software

In the past, recruiters were limited to flipping through a Rolodex, storing business cards and spreadsheets, and trawling through files of CVs to manage candidate details. Applicant tracking software, or ATS, helps automate the recruitment process and acts as a repository for applicants. With the introduction of modern CRM or Candidate Relationship Management software, the whole process is made even easier and more efficient. Candidate Relationship Management software oversees the complete process, enabling recruiters to build and maintain relationships with job candidates. This kind of advanced software also assists recruiters with candidate searching, screening, assessment and more.

How does advanced online recruitment software work?

A CRM software system is designed to store data to manage the complete hiring process. The main benefit of such software systems is that they are able to compile data from numerous different information and communication channels. These kinds of advanced recruitment systems are dynamic rather than static and can be used to store traditional data, such as contact details. They can also incorporate a database to hold agency information including applicant details, histories of applicant-client communications, job applications and meetings. The very best software will help recruiters to organise information and learn about each candidate, building a thorough picture and tracking their job interests, skills, and communication.

Building and developing candidate relationships is a vital process of recruitment. Modern recruitment software can help build and maintain relationships with past, present and future candidates. This software can aid the contact between recruiters and third parties such as affiliates and business partners, and it effectively acts as a contact management system whereby the contacts incorporate different types of relevant information that can be easily and quickly identified, categorised and searched based on particular features. Targeted e-mail campaigns can be used to increase relevant communication with appropriate candidates, and it is possible to set alerts to chase candidates.

It is clear that advances in technology have led to the development of software that can greatly improve the overall recruitment process. ATS systems can store information and aid candidate searching, and CRM systems are dynamic and can allow recruiters to organise information effectively, streamlining and expediting the process and improving the candidate searching procedure by allowing recruiters to categorise, label and target communications. Ultimately, the easier and more efficiently recruiters can search for candidates, the quicker they can appropriately place them, making the business more profitable.