A great solution for fast posting and applicant tracking.

Access our pre-integrated Logicmelon 360 posting and application collection solution from within your Chameleon-i account subject to the purchase of their products & services.

Our pre-integrated Logicmeleon solution will let you post your jobs quickly and easily without having to leave your Chameleon-i account.

Simply add your vacancy to your Chameleon-i database and click the Logicmelon button, this will send the vacancy details through to post on your subscribed job boards.

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Applications will be returned and displayed within your applicant tracking grid. You can manage the applications with a clear audit trail and have the option to filter the candidates you want to add to your Chameleon-i candidate pool using our flagging system. This 360-degree solution means you never have to leave Chameleon-i to post your jobs and receive applications.

About Logicmelon – www.logicmelon.com
Candidate management made simple with smart recruitment software

Processing over 4.5 million job applications every month, Logicmelon is leading the way in recruitment solutions. Posting jobs, sourcing candidates, applicant tracking and board performance reporting letting you control every aspect of recruiting.

If you wish to find out more please contact us on +44 (0)1483 600370.