Get more out of Chameleon-i with builtin
features & services from our partners

Seamlessly integrated to maximise your productivity

We have a range of partner solutions that run alongside our Recruitment Software, to make the recruitment process easier. From job boards to telecommunication, all pre-integrated, so you can start using them straight away.

Our partners will charge you directly for their products and services. They will also provide you with the relevant credentials that need to be stored in Chameleon-i to use the service. If you would like to discuss any of our partner’s services, feel free to get in touch.


thetimegenie, a timesheet, invoicing and expense management portal shaped to fit your business.


  • Simple and fast to setup
  • No long term contracts
  • Pay-as-you go with one price per timesheet and all our features included
thetimegenie logo - thetimegenie, a timesheet, invoicing and expense management shaped to fit your business.

Your portal for your personnel constantly available on pc or mobile devices. simple, understandable timesheets collecting the data you need producing invoices and feeds, streamlining processes and eliminating error.

Save Time, Money and Hassle…

Reduce costs, increase productivity and speed up processing time. These are just some of the benefits you’ll see once you start to use thetimegenie.


Spotajob is a free-to-use job board, just for Chameleon-i users.


  • List unlimited vacancies for free
  • Quick communication + decision making with our automated candidate creation
  • Used by Google for Jobs, which will increase your visibility
spotajob Logo

Attract quality candidates with Spotajob, a unique job board available to Chameleon-i users only.

You can list unlimited vacancies for free, and get free applications delivered into your Chameleon-i account.

Spotajob is integrated with Google for Jobs. This is a great way to increase awareness as your vacancy and brand will be listed high up on Google’s search engine results page.


Take advantage of our pre-integrated Logicmelon 360 posting and application collection solution.


  • Post jobs quickly and efficently without leaving your Chameleon-i account
  • Applications are returned & displayed in Chameleon-i applicants grid ready for processing
  • View a clear audit trail, in line with GDPR
Logicmelon Logo - line spacer image Candidate management made simple with smart recruitment software

Our clever cloud-based recruitment software streamlines the whole process to save you time and reduce your costs.

Help to maximise your day with LogicMelon. Add your vacancy to Chameleon-i and click the LogicMelon button – the vacancy details are parsed ready to post on your subscribed job boards.

Applications are then returned and displayed within your applicant tracking grid. You have the option to filter the candidates you wish to add to your candidate pool using our flagging system.

This 360-degree solution means that you never have to copy and paste your job details or find a way to automatically receive applications directly into your database.


Take advantage of our pre-integrated Broadbean 360 posting and application collection solution.


  • Post jobs without leaving your Chameleon-i account
  • Applications are returned to your applicant’s grid in Chameleon-i
  • View an audit trail of all application decisions
Broadbean Logo

Help to maximise your day with Broadbean. Just add your vacancy to Chameleon-i and click the Broadbean button – the vacancy details will be posted on your subscribed job boards.

Applications are then returned and displayed within your applicant tracking grid. You have the option to filter the candidates you wish to add to your candidate pool using our flag system.

This 360-degree solution means that you never have to leave Chameleon-i to post your jobs and receive applications.


Access our pre-integrated Idibu for 360 posting and application collection solution directly through Chameleon-i.


  • Post jobs directly from your database
  • Receive applicants into your tracking screen, ready to be actioned
  • Like Chameleon-i Idibu is cloud-based – so there is no need for downloads or installation
Idibu Logo

Idibu offers a 360-degree job posting and application retrieval solution.

Through Chameleon-i, users can post jobs which will be sent through to your selected job boards,

New applicants will be returned into Chameleon-i ready for users to appraise and action, using our automated response system.

Idibu is connected to over 1,000 job boards, social networks and corporate websites and is used throughout the UK, Europe and USA.


Find more candidates and matching job leads, providing a higher ROI.


  • A range of tools that help deliver incredible results, fast
  • Gain access to the best candidates with SourceBreaker’s unique algorithm 
  • Instantly add candidates + vacancy listings to Chameleon-i
Sourcebreaker Logo

Created by recruiters, SourceBreaker’s suite of products is designed to help your team work faster and make more placements.

It’s a chance for you to uncover job leads that HR doesn’t even know about yet, let alone competing recruitment agencies.

Decrease the churn and increase growth with SourceBreaker’s range of tools today.

Discover our range of communications + analytics


Discover our pre-integrated cloud-based telecommunication software.


  • A powerful + integrated communications system
  • No equipment necessary – CloudCall integrates with your existing systems
  • All calls are logged keeping your agency in line with GDPR
Cloudcall Logo

Access the CloudCall telephony solution subject to the purchases of their products and services.

All calls are automatically logged, categorised and recorded within Chameleon-i. CloudCall includes performance analytics for greater management visibility.

Inbound screen pops allow users to see pop-up alerts, with links to contact records.


Fully integrated 2-way or 1-way SMS text messaging.


  • Send single or bulk SMS messages directly through Chameleon-i
  • A discreet, but effective communication tool
  • Keep a full communication log with your candidates, in line with GDPR
Icetrak Logo

Send SMS messages directly from Chameleon-i recruitment software and receive replies back into the record.

2-way text messaging is perfect for when you don’t need to have a full conversation with the candidate. Replies get routed back into the consultant’s e-mail and also stored on the Chameleon-i candidate record.

If you don’t need to text back a reply, then the 1-way service is all you need.

OneUp Sales

Turn Data Into Insights and Deliver Improved Results.


  • Motivate greater recruitment results & productivity
  • Proven to drive greater CRM Cadence and data capture
  • Gain consistent visibility across the business of KPI’s and metrics
OneIp Sales

Turn Chameleon-i and VOIP Phone system data into meaningful and understandable visual insights for recruiters and managers.

Quickly setup contests & competitions at recruiter, team or company level and drive your team’s productivity and motivation, whilst bringing fun to the environment.

Easy to setup, easy to manage, easy to understand.


Turn your activity data into easy-to-understand analytics


  • Motivate + manage consultants
  • Visual analytics to transform the way you run your business
  • Create a data-driven environment that encourages your recruiters to use your CRM effectively + frequently
cube19 Logo

Cube19 takes your Chameleon-i data and turns it into visual analytics. Their cloud-based technology can be used on any connected device, giving your employees the information they need to make decisions where and when they need to.

This award-winning gamification screen from Cube19 will have a large impact on sales productivity and keeping targets on the mind.

Partner with Chameleon-i

We are always interested in new technology and solutions that would complement our software.


  • Increased sales + revenue
  • Your profile listed on our Partner page
  • Adverting on our website, e-mails, user login page
Partnerships Logo

Chameleon-i have a large international client base and are always on the look-out for industry-leading technology providers.

If you want to help benefit recruitment consultants worldwide, please get in touch and we’d love to have a chat.

3 reasons to consider our partner’s products and services

1. Enhance productivity

Our integrations provide everything the busy recruiter needs, to automate, search, organise, communicate and analyse. Increase productivity and maximise profits with the help of our partners.

2. Everything is builtin, meaning you can use them immediately

It’s quick to start using our partner’s products and services. Because they’re already built in, there are no annoying downloads.

3. It’s all under one roof

There’s no need to worry, all of our integrations work through Chameleon-i. Everything is logged, keeping you in line with GDPR.

If you would like to find out more about our integrations, or if you have any questions, just get in touch and we’d be happy to help.