The global pandemic amplified demand for digital systems that are capable of liberating remote workplaces from chaotic administrative doldrums into efficient client-facing dream teams. Digital solutions catapult remote working productivity to new heights, and secure a solid competitive edge in the professional marketplace.

Remote hiring is also a key recruitment trend for 2021 and beyond. In fact, industry experts predict, this remote hiring surge is only still in its infancy. Our handy overview outlines why digital software is the essential tool to enable top agencies to simplify the remote hiring process.

Temporary recruitment software delivers the digital edge

A January 2021 industry report conducted by REC and KPMG, and produced by IHS Markit, delivers encouraging temporary employment projections. Based on their survey of over 400 recruitment agencies, the demand for temporary work and temporary recruitment software has rapidly risen at its fastest rate since December 2018.

The sharp rise in short-term employment preferences is influenced by ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and Brexit. Cloud-based software is the digital tool remote workplaces depend upon now and going forward.

The remote hiring process depends on real time record keeping. The fast-paced world of temporary bookings can be administratively chaotic due to the transitory nature of temp work. Streamlined workflows are essential to meet daily administrative demands.

Digital recruitment software features a plethora of savvy communication and administrative workflows. These include the ability to check candidates in and out on client premises, create complex shift patterns, populate innovative digital communication templates, and real time, transparent timekeeping.

Superior communication solutions a hallmark of temporary recruitment software

Excellent communication skills are the foundation of a successful recruitment agency. Digital recruitment software offers a range of innovative communication solutions designed to effortlessly enable engaging communication strategies and capture crucial data.

For instance, tracked communications minimises any confusion. All correspondence is available across multiple devices, 24 hours a day. Recruiters, clients and candidates can view vacancies and available shifts, as well as review hours worked, pay rate and forthcoming shifts.

Capturing precise attendance data is a game changer for temporary recruitment, and the remote hiring process. Accurate real time records of candidates’ timekeeping liberate recruiters from administrative bottlenecks. The remove hiring process is transformed into straightforward workable methodologies, thanks to accurate at a glance data and communications.

Temporary recruitment software delivers confidence during uncertain times

Innovative digital solutions kept workplaces going throughout 2020’s dramatic changes. Cloud-based software is shaping the future of the global workforce. Remote working is a crucial component of candidates’ desired work/life balance in a post pandemic society.

Successful agencies will embrace digital software for its accuracy, reliability and infinite potential. Recruiters relish the opportunity to build better client and candidate relationships. Digital software accelerates and efficiently expedites the remote hiring process. Everyone wins. A new normal worth its weight in gold.