On Wednesday 9th March 2016 we will be releasing an updated Single Action System for all users.

The new Action System greatly reduces the number of clicks it takes to perform day to day actions and addresses a number of requests from our users.

The Actions that have been updated include:

Telephone Call Action
Email Action
CV send on spec
CV send from shortlist
Interview confirmation


Action System

As part of this update you can now see your individual email signature fully displayed, along with a new email editor and don’t forget to set an agency-wide default font.

Notes are automatically recorded and the Follow Up tick box now remembers your last choice, so you no longer have to Tick or Untick depending on your follow up preferences.

If you have any questions about the Actions updates or would like to find out more about Chameleon-i, speak to us today on +44 (0)1483 600370.