Social Recruitment

Using social media as a tool to find candidates is easier than ever with the popularity of social channels such as LinkedIn. They are also useful in communicating open vacancies to attract applicants.

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What is social recruitment?

Social recruitment is using social media as a way of recruiting. LinkedIn is the obvious choice for recruiters to use to discover applicants. They even have a feature ‘Let Recruiters Know You’re Open’ which means that agencies that are paying for LinkedIn Recruiter have access to your profile.

What social networks can be used for recruiting?

While recruiters heavily rely on LinkedIn, other social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also be used to recruit candidates.

What are the benefits of social recruiting?

Both active and passive job seekers can be found on social networks. Social media can be used to find candidates, learn about them and then recruit them into available roles.

Social networks are free to join, direct messages are often free and because of this, social recruiting remains a low-cost strategy.

Social media means that your agency can also be seen, for free. Setting up a LinkedIn company page, Twitter and Facebook profile are all free and easy to do.

Direct messages on social networks mean that it is quick and easy to connect with people. It’s also a chance for you to keep in contact, and maintain a good relationship.

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