Applicant tracking systems (ATS) exist to make HR teams’ work easier. They’re the only realistic way to manage a high volume of applicants. Traditional ATS are kept on company networks so they need users to be in a networked location, like the office, or even on a specific device to access the ATS. Being honest… is that the way you work in 2020?

A cloud-based applicant tracking system is good for HR teams

Cloud-based ATS are accessible anywhere, at any time. All you need is a browser and a login. Working culture is increasingly shifting to working flexibly, at different times and in different locations. A cloud-based ATS makes it especially easy for staff to log on and quickly check or update records as new information arrives, whether they’re on their morning commute or checking their email one last time before they unwind for the evening. Now that COVID-19 has made most of us working from home full or part-time, this feature has gone from useful to essential.

The universal ease of access makes cloud-based Application Tracking System superb for HR staff, working across multiple sites or even internationally, such as where a local office reports into directors/managers at head office or a regional hub. It’s very easy to oversee how recruitment is going, and a shared cloud-based system virtually ensures that the process is standardised across all teams and sites.

Creating and removing users is usually simple, so it’s also easy to give external recruitment consultants access to the system. Even though it’s easy, this takes some care, as it can come into conflict with data protections laws if not properly implemented.

Cloud-based systems also have the advantage that they’re accessible by multiple users simultaneously. The benefits for collaboration are massive: multiple staff can review applications simultaneously, significantly reducing the time it takes to create a shortlist for interview. Most cloud-based ATS have communication and notifications built in so it’s easy to track tasks and alert users when their input is needed.

A cloud-based applicant tracking system is good for candidates

Cloud-based applicant tracking systems are full of features and kept up-to-date with regular developments. They see high user traffic so it’s easy to identify and fix user experience (UX) issues. This is great for staff but it’s also great for applicants.

Most candidates apply to numerous jobs simultaneously. They see a lot of applicant tracking systems from ‘send an email and cover letter and maybe you’ll hear from someone’ to slick, modern, ATS. An easy, frictionless application process makes a company stand out from others, giving you a competitive edge in attracting the best talent out there.

Sounds good? Contact us for more information on how a cloud-based applicant tracking system can speed up your recruitment process, make your HR team happy and make a great impression on candidates.