Get free job posting with Spotajob

Spotajob is a free-to-use job board, just for Chameleon-i users

Spotajob is a UK job board, fully integrated with Chameleon-i. It offers users the unique ability to post unlimited live vacancies to Spotajob, for free.

What is Spotajob?

Spotajob is a UK job board and there are many benefits to your recruitment agency using it:

  • List unlimited vacancies for free
  • Attract quality candidates
  • Used by Google for Jobs, thereby increasing your visibility
  • Get free applications delivered straight to Chameleon-i
  • Enable quick communication and decision making with our automated candidate creation
  • Shortlist candidates by reviewing and submitting to your new clients

Please note that Spotajob is completely separate to Broadbean and LoginMelon.

Are you keen to get started?  Activate Spotajob now.

Spotajob screenshot

Tell me about Spotajob + Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs could well change the industry as we know it.

The benefit of using Spotajob is that all of your vacancies will be listed by Google’s search tool. This will enable job seekers to find your jobs and your brand.

As far as we are aware, Chameleon-i is the only CRM that can get your listings onto Google for Jobs, without the need for an integrated website.

Your vacancy and recruitment agency will benefit from increased visibility with Google for Jobs.

Another benefit worth noting is that these types of job listings will be displayed high up on a search engine results page.

Google for Jobs and Spotajob

How does Spotajob work?

Through Spotajob, Chameleon-i users can post unlimited vacancies and receive direct applications, back to Chameleon-i.

Candidates using Spotajob can search for jobs, by typing in relevant keywords and/or a location.

If you like the sound of it, find out how to activate Spotajob now.

For more information, visit our Spotajob overview.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we’d be delighted to help answer them.

What is a job board?

A job board is an employment website and can mean different things to different people.

To a candidate, job seeker, applicant, (whatever you call them) – it’s a place to look and/or apply to jobs.

To an employer or recruiter – it’s a way to advertise and publicise job opening(s).

Job boards convert web traffic into potential candidates through job listings. These will typically contain:

  • Job title/position
  • Job description
  • Job requirements
  • Employer description
  • Pay scale

Job sites can feature a range of job roles in a variety of industries from engineering to information technology.  There may be more specialised roles, tailored to a particular industry, as well as seasonal jobs, ethical jobs and other categories.

Employment websites can also feature:

  • Employer reviews
  • Career advice
  • Job-searching advice

In the UK, popular job boards include Indeed, Reed, Jobsite and Monster.

How do recruiters use job boards?

Job boards are used by recruiters as part of their marketing.

The aim of a recruiter is to:

  • Attract and source candidates
  • Develop candidates
  • Identify suitable candidates for a client

Job boards allow recruiters to attract candidates for the job roles they are looking to fill.

It’s also a way for them to discover new talent, that recruiters could put forward for suitable roles from their other clients.

Depending on the client’s wishes, it’s also a chance to advertise their agency.

Job boards like Spotajob can connect with an ATS or candidate management system such as Chameleon-i, making it easy for recruiters to do their job.

If you would like to know more about Spotajob, or have any questions please contact us or ring +44 (0)1483 600370.