We have released a couple of product updates within the Chameleon-i tagging system.

Tag Search.
A new search function has been released enabling you to quickly search/filter your tags removing the need to look manually. The search works across all 3 tag tiers. You will need to expand the tiers by pressing the + icon to view all results.


Automatic Upward tagging.
There is now an option, set within the Tags tab in your administration panel to automatically tag Tier1 and Tier2 tags when Tier 3 is selected¬† and Tier1 where only Tier2 is selected. This reduces the number of clicks when validating your records. Note that removing a Tier1 tag will remove the corresponding tags below but ONLY on the ‘All Tags’ tab in the record.

If you experience any issues with tags not displaying this is easily resolved by a simple refresh. Right click over the tag panel and select refresh from the list.

For further information visit our knowledgebase or call us on +44 (0)1483 600370 and we will be more than happy helping you.