Temporary Recruitment Agency Software

Temporary workforce management software

Our Temporary recruitment software is designed to help recruiters manage the fast-paced world of temporary bookings. Manage temporary shifts, shift rotation, booking confirmation, timesheet approval and billing. Infinitely scalable to accommodate a growing recruitment agency, our recruitment software is easy to use and suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Contact us or call us on +44(0)1483 600370 if you would like some more information on what Chameleon-i can do for your agency.

What can you get with Chameleon-i?

Booking Systems and Wizards

Make bookings a breeze with drag and drop.

The Booking System allows you to:

  • Create shifts
  • Create schedules
  • Add/remove candidates
  • Insert ad-hoc shifts

The Booking Wizard lets you create and store booking templates within the system, for future use.

Shift Rotation

Take the guesswork out of Shift Rotation.

It’s easy and quick to set up complex shift patterns with Chameleon-i’s shift pattern and rotation function.

Recruiters can easily book people into patterns, with complete visibility at all times.

This means less calendar checking and more placements.


Use in-depth reporting to stay on top of your organisation.

The reporting function within our temporary staffing software​ Module lets you monitor all logged activity through your database.

The reporting features include:

  • Onsite check-in
  • Onsite check-out
  • New starter reports
  • Movers
  • Weekly bible

E-mail and SMS Templates

Speed up communications with saved templates.

Our E-mail and SMS features make day-to-day Client and Candidate communication easy.

You can:

  • Create and store templates
  • Use placeholders to automatically populate correspondence
  • Streamline communication processes for bookings and temporary placements


Ensure smooth communications between all parties.

Nothing is missed between recruiter, candidate and client with the Chameleon-i Temporary recruitment software communication function.

All correspondence is tracked and is available at any time from any device. This means that miscommunication and misunderstandings are kept to a minimum.

Check-In System

Simplify Check-Ins and Outs with Chameleon-i recruitment software.

Chameleon-i provides agencies managing onsite temporary bookings with an easy way to monitor time attendance.

The system enables members of your recruitment team to check in/out workers at your client’s premises.

This means that accurate attendance figures are recorded, as well as absence, lateness, and sickness data.

Client/Candidate portal

Complete visibility for both client and candidate. 

The Chameleon-i Client/Candidate portal gives all parties complete visibility of:

  • Available shifts
  • Filled vacancies
  • Shift patterns

The Temps Module also allows both clients and candidates to view data such as:

  • Rates of pay
  • Hours worked
  • Upcoming Shift patterns


*Coming soon.

The Compliance Module will give you the ability to set and store mandatory documentation as defined by your business.

By inputting specific business rules, our temporary workforce management software will not let you book candidates out without your mandatory compliance requirements being met.

The Chameleon-i Temps Module features:

  • Create bookings
  • Create bookings templates
  • Create shift rotation and patterns
  • Drag and drop candidates on shift
  • Quickly communicate bookings to all parties
  • Manage availability
  • Complete, manage and authorise timesheets via Candidate and Client portals
  • Monitor Check-ins
  • Monitor AWR
  • Track correspondence
  • Manage compliance
  • Generate reports for moves, leavers and new starters
  • Payroll
  • Manage your temps business performance via the dashboard

Discover our Contractor Timesheet system

Our Contract Timesheet and Invoice systems are designed to take the place of paper-based timesheet systems.

It’s an efficient method of producing sales and purchase invoices from timesheet data.


  • Hassle-free timesheet collection
  • Error-free invoice generation
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple pay and charge rates